Misted Legends (IC roleplay)(II)

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Krystala and Siblings
Pima seemed joyously pleased at the 'blood elf's' reaction when she pushed her finger back, giggling in excitement as she watched her with wide, curious eyes. "I was on a boat before it was sunk, and me and a few others came here with me..."
"So there's others like you?" She asked, grinning almost maniacally. Her smile faded when the blood elf seemed non-interested in re-answering the question she had, technically already answered.
"Tell me, because I'm curious, why do you risk yourself being in the same cell as me when I somewhat now have use of my magic. I could kill you, or cast a mind trick, or anything else....why would you risk such a thing?"
"You're not going to kill me," Pima giggled, "You just said you wanted to learn our ways. ... Besides... You couldn't extract monk information from me. I'm a shadow priestess, just like you." She paused, a gleeful grin flashing across her face and she giggled once more, a thought coming to her. "Plus, it could be difficult to try and kill me if I do this..." The pinched her nose, and made a sneezing- like motion. When she did so, her body suddenly seemed to... explode. Small particles of shadow now made up her body form, and she giggled again, her voice sounding strange; distant and echo'y. She stuck her arm out, and it passed through the other priestess.

Slowly, shadow particles began to detach from her, yet she never really seemed to lose any mass. The particles floated beside her, coalesceding into a seperate entity. This one was much more solid than how Pima was at the moment, and it looked exactly as she did when she wasn't a mass of shadow; the only difference being, it didn't contain the same amount of emotion that Pima seemed to always portray on her face; it was emotionless, staring with blank eyes at the other priestess. Soon another formed, and at that point, Pima had become bored of waving her hand through the other priestess' body, and the shadow particles began to pull together, reshaping her body back to normal.

"Anyways... forcfully extracting knowledge from a monk... to learn how to become a monk... would be incredibly counter-productive. In fact, I don't think it would be entirely possible; it would contradict everything a monk stands for." Her finger touched her chin, gaze turning upwards in thought. "I don't think it would work, would it, Kahlea?" She asked, turning to her older sister.
The mistweaver monk snorted. "It wouldn't work on me- that much I can tell you." Her hard gaze focused upon the shadow witch, eyes narrowing distrustfully.
Pima frowned at her sister, but then turned back to Krystala. "I could show you the village if you like? I would be extremely eager to learn from you, and maybe you could even learn from me! ... I would just ask that you refrain from hurting anyone..." Her voice trailed off as she frowned, rocking back to the complete length of her paw-like feet -whereas she had previously been leaning forward on her tippy-toes, excitement seemingly preventing her from standing normally. There was something about her personality that just bubbled over, she hoped her new-found friend would accept it gracefully...
Canadhiel and Jio
"I am Canadhiel, last of the Dawnstrider lineage, a pleasure Jio."
"Ah! Haha! Believe me when I say, it is to me who the pleasure has been bestowed upon." His eyes squinted, appearing almost closed as he smiled widely. He placed his hands together, palm-to-palm flat, and dipping his body at the waist to her. When he stood straight once again, he took in a deep breath, testing the clear and beautiful air with his nose. "I believe I know a place you may enjoy." He told her, taking her hands into his own and pulling her in the general direction they were headed, before releasing her, and walking on, waiting for her to catch up beside him. "I find I am eager to get to know you, Canadhiel. You and your companions intruige me. Hopefully you all will not have to leave too soon." He told her as they walked.

They progressed through town; underneath a small bridge that stretched from one tower to the next. Looking up, one would note that they serve both as a watch tower, and also as the town's gong and bell towers. Small, shining golden bells twinkled in the sunlight. They dangled from the overhanging roof, framing the single, golden gong in the centre of the square watch tower. Even at a distance, one could tell that each gong was intricately decorated with some sort of image- though at this distance, it was difficult to completely make the figures out. Jio raised his hand to block the on-coming sun. It was particularly bright this time of the day; just before sunset. He smiled softly, as though he were doing so to the very sky and sun.

He led her to the right once they had passed fully under the bridge. They walked along the walls of the towers, towards the large, bright building beside it. The pillars that held up the sloping roof had been carved to accomodate two large cranes, that looked out towards the setting sun gracefully. "I will ask you to cover your eyes." He told her when they came to the doors. As with the rest of the building, gentle patterns were carved into it; bright green jade handles were carfully placed, seeming a work of art, seperate, yet flowing with the theme of the rest of the door, and the general architecture of the entire village. Once her eyes were closed, he grinned and gently tapped the doors. They silently opened, sweeping apart gracefully to entice the vision with a beautiful display of hundreds and thousands of books.

Jio gently led the elf into the library by placing his hands upon her shoulders and walking forward. Once he removed his hands from her, he stepped in front of her before moving to the side, allowing her to view it. "You can open them now, if you like." He told her.
Her reaction was priceless. Jio smiled, "I thought, of all the places, what better place to teach you, and converse with you, than a library?" He paused, walking deeper into the building, gesturing her to follow. "So, tell me, what interests you? History?" His hand waved towards an isle as they passed it, "Perhaps weaponry. ... Spells...?" He stopped shortly. "Name a topic, I'm certain we have it."
Dae followed Jio as they walked through the village, she had to admit, she was curios as to where the Pandaren "I will ask you to cover your eyes." Dae obliged when they reached a tall building, covering her eyes with her hands, and allowing Jio to lead her into the building. "You can open them now, if you like."

Dae removed her hands, and her jaw dropped "By Hiril Valto." she breathed, the building was a massive library filled with walls upon walls of books, scrolls, and tomes they continued walking through, Dae couldn't help but grin So much...there could be no limit to the things I can learn hear, the information stored in these walls... her thoughts were interrupted by Jio "So, tell me, what interests you? History? Perhaps weaponry. ... Spells...? Name a topic, I'm certain we have it."
Dae paused for a moment what did interest her, one of the few times in her life she had been asked that, and she had few if any answers. if he knows what I am, I probably would be watched carefully, thievery is most likely frowned upon.

"There are many things... I was considered a accomplished scribe back with my people, as well as a good cook, and a excellent herbalist. There is also combat: knife and hand to hand. I'm afraid I'm not much good at spells." She gave a chuckle, her eyes dropped for a moment "That was my sister..." she muttered before looking back up hoping that Jio hadn't noticed.
As Sammuroth slept his dreams were once again plagued by a memory he would rather forget.

It was a dark night in the city of Zin'Azshari made darker by the demons roaming throughout the city killing anyone in their way. Sammuroth watched it all from his families manor, a disgusted look on his face, how could Azshara ally herself with these creatures. Doesn't she see they are just using her, and us once they destroy everything else they willfinish the rest of us off. He couldn't abide this to kill her own people, Azshara had clearly gone insane, and she had taken his parents with her down the road to insanity. While most of the highborne practically worshiped Azshara he had never quite understood their devotion, sure she was beautiful, but to him no more beautiful than any other female of their race.

"I can't sit back and watch this anymore, it's time I took action, and though it pains me the only course I can see is to join the resistance I have heard about, but before that I won't let my family be used by the demons any longer. The only course I can see to stop them, is to kill them, and maybe their deaths will slow Azshara's and the demons plans, I must move tonight before anyone becomes suspicious." A tear ran down the young night elf's face as he turned and went to prepare himself.
"I will call you what you are, friend; you are a Lost One, and denying it isn't going to help you...... or your friends." Vynathlon heard the Pandaren say. "I'm not saying I deny it I just don't like it. Sure I accept the fact that you think I'm a lost one, doesn't mean I like you calling me that." Vynathlon said. "Also they are not my friends. They're my allies. Nothing more, nothing less." Vynathlon said but the elder continued as if he had something else on his mind.
"I encourage you to help yourselves to the pastries. They are filled with my very own peach jam." The elder said "I do not understand your reasoning behind your hatred for each other. Perhaps once we are finished our pastries, we can delve deeper into it. ... Until then, eat." "As much as I would love to try your tea or one of your pastries, I can't. You see, me and the rest of my race have been afflicted with undeath effectively destroying a lot of parts of our bodies so we can't eat or drink anything as it would just fall out of our stomachs as soon as we eat it." Vynathlon said.
Krystala couldn't help but smile weakly at the female pandaren. She almost kinda reminded her of herself, or what she could have been if she was not consumed by the madness she already knew. The woman did make a good point when answering her question about entering the cage she was now in with someone who could have easily fought her. If she wanted to learn from them, killing them and extracting information was a no go. While thinking of this, she had heard the Pandaren mention something else and looked up from her lap to watch her.

The Pandaren took what seemed to be her shadow form, only, she felt there was something different about it. She gasped and leaned back against the bars as the woman reached out and pushed her arm straight through the Witch's stomach "Interesting...." she thought, relaxing once more, watching the Pandaren wave her hand through her body "It kinda reminds me of the same spell I use to turn into wisps of shadow....only...this is used in Shadow form. This would be worth learning I guess" .

Krystala listened as the Shadow Priest spoke about extracting monk information from monks themselves, and chuckled as it was explained "So...my plan was flawed from the very beginning, so much for that then. Guess the only way to it now is to learn" . She smiled and nodded "Sure, I guess I wouldn't mind that, lead the way when you are ready, I will follow. I also promise not to harm anyone" she said softly. The other thing that was surprising her was the fact that she was...calm....Extremely calm. She never really felt this way before, as if she was almost at peace, but she did feel some of her insanity with in her somewhere, only it seemed suppressed. Guess one of the things she had to learn was to keep it, so instead of being Insanity in the form of Flesh, she would probably be the Calm yet deadly type....or the Calm before the storm of Insanity...decisions decisions.

She looked at the runes that were tattooed onto her body and sighed as she thought back to her castle, where the vrykul people were. She wondered how they were doing with out her, must be wondering where she was. In any case, she could always summon one of them to her to tell her about the current situation, nothing more nothing less, it should all be fine. Krystala looked up to the Pandaren and nodded, waiting for her response.
As Sammuroth slept his dream, or perhaps nightmare continued.

There was no one around, which made it easy for the lone shadow to dart through the manor, Sammuroth had to be careful he didn't want anyone to be woken up. He knew his family had personal guards, they would be a problem if he ran into them, luckily he knew their patrol routes. He slowly and carefully made his way to his room, once he reached it he sighed, now to pack I should only take the essentials I will need to move quickly to slip past the demons. Packing his armor and a few sets of clothes in his travel pack, he had nicked some food form the kitchen which he also promptly packed. Grabbing his bow and quiver and his two curved longswords he ran a mental check to make sure he had everything, deciding that he did he quietly left his room. I really hope I am doing the right thing, no I can't think like that now if I do I will lose my nerve, he snuck down the hallway to his older siblings room. He reached for door and found it unlocked, whew, what a stroke of luck, quietly entering his older brother and sister's room, he made sure he could hear their deep breathing.

Deciding they were sufficiently asleep he quietly snuck over to his brother's bedside, and drew one of his longswords, placing the blade at his brothers throat he whispered, "Please forgive me, but I can't allow you to continue to fall like Xavius," with that he drew the blade across his sibling's throat. Keeping a hand over his mouth so he couldn't gasp for breath and wake their sister Sammuroth waited until he stoped twitching before he moved over to his sister. He almost lost his nerve then, she had been the only one to support him when he declared he would prefer to learn the sword rather than the arcane, she had helped him and done nothing but love him. "I-I can't do this i-it's not right I-I..." Tears began to stream from his eyes, "I-I have to, I-I am sorry, b-but I c-can't let you hurt our people," he placed the blade at his sister's throat, only then noticing her eyes were wide open. He nearly screamed, but the smile she gave him then was almost to much to bear, it was as if she was saying, "I understand, do what you believe to be right and just," but he couldn't it wasn't right.

At that moment quicker than he could retract his blade, his sister grabbed his hands and ripped the sword across her own throat. "No," he screamed as blood began to cover the bedsheets, "I-I can save you h-hold on sis y-you can't die." He tried to stop the bleeding, but it was impossible she had slit her throat from ear to ear, he began to sob, and with the last of her strength his beloved sister touched his cheek and smiled and mouthed the three words that would haunt him for the rest of his days, "I love you."
Seth had read his father entire journal, even though he had already read it multiple times, but this time, he added a few passages of his own. The worgen had written from the point of his fathers death, all the way to when he had arrived in the pandaren town. He had no idea how long he was sitting there, but the sun was just about to start diving below the horizon, so it was getting late, and he needed to see if there was a place to sleep. Seth hopped up to his feet, still bloody and winded from the virmen, and he stumbled into town to see the pandaren.

After a short walk, Seth arrived In the town. It seemed quite small, and very calm and relaxing. Seth was constantly getting looks from the plump creatures, all seeming joyful, sorry for him, and somewhat curious, but nobody confronted the rogue, which slightly upset him but relieved him at the same time. Celia would have been having a conversation with everybody who walked pasted them, and Seth would most likely be talking to one as well. Seth sighed as he could seem to never let go of his past, but then again, he didnt really want to. sometimes he wants to believe what would be happening if that curse had never started spreading, or if they had gotten out of Gilneas, all alive. if we has gotten out alive then I wouldn't have ever come on this mission, or get lost on an unknown continent... I would be sitting in Stormwind, relaxing, playing with Ivan, or spending time with Celia ... all these thoughts seemed to make everything worse, and he sat In the shade behind a small hut-like building and buried his face in his hands.
Sammuroth didn't know how long he cried over the corpse of his sister, but eventually he had no more tears to cry, and all that was left was pain and anger. He gently closed his sister's eyes and left the room, this is all their fault, our parents were pressuring her into helping them when she wanted no part of it. That is why she used my blade to take her own life to stop herself from falling as Xavius had, they will all pay, Azshara, Xavius, the demons, but first my parents. He quickly made his way through the manor at this time of night his parents were usually in the sitting room drinking wine and talking, that was about to change. He made it to the door, which led to where he believed his parents waited, and how right he was before he could even open the door he heard a voice from within, "Come in son we have been waiting for you." He couldn't believe it how did they know, shaking his head and steeling his resolve he entered the room.

There he found both his father and mother standing in front of the hearth a fire blazing behind them watching him enter. They both had an intimidating aura almost as much as Azshara herself, but he knew the aura was a bluff, but he still found it hard to hide his surprise that his parents had been expecting him. His father spoke first, "I see you have been a busy boy, killing your own siblings, for shame," Sammuroth scowled he had always hated the mocking tone his father used when speaking to him. His father laughed, his mother chuckling beside him, "You didn't really think anything went on in this house without our knowledge did you? We have been following your progress ever since you left your room," Sammuroth smirked, "If you knew why didn't you stop me," once again his father laughed and spoke in that condescending tone, "we honestly didn't think you would go through with it imagine our surprise when you actually did."

Sammuroth couldn't contain his emotions any longer, "You have always looked down on me because I didn't want to train in the arcane, I still believe as I do now mortals are not meant to hold such power all it does is corrupt people with power, and I will not sit back while you and Azshara destroy our people." This time his mother laughed, hard, as she calmed down she spoke, " Our people, those fools out there are beneath us they are not our people they exist because we allowed them too, and now its time we rid this world of the weak and make the world perfect under Queen Azshara and Lord Sargeras." Sammuroth sighed, left over tears streaming out of his eyes, "You are as crazy as Azshara, I should have escaped with my sister and left you all far behind," his parents looked at him with disappointment plain on their faces his father spoke then, "your sister was weak and a fool she is the one who taught you all of these traits you possess, respect and honor to your fellow man, all that matters is power and power is..."

Sammuroth's rage boiled over with every word and before his father had finished he had closed the distance between them, he landed in front of his mother, the surprise was plain on her face and it gave him a sick satisfaction that he had finally showed them what he was capable of. In one swift motion he severed her head from her body, and as his father watched his beloved wife's head sail through the air Sammuroth spoke in a tone full of ice and hatred, that it sent a chill down the proud man's spine, "You have no right to speak of my sister in that way, and for this transgression you will die."

His father wasn't going to be caugh toff guard as his wife was, he quickly placed defensinve wards all over his body, but Sammuroth wouldn't let those stop him. He charged forward with a cross cut, one sword goin horizontal, the other vertical, as his weapons connected with his father's wards electricity was transfere through the swords to Sammuroth's body, but his rage was not abated and he grunted through the pain, and broke the ward through sheer force of will. His father couldn't believe it, how could his son, the son he had considered weak and beneath him possibly break through his most powerful shielding spell. He didn't have time to be surprised for his son came on even more furiously than before, acting quickly he cast bolts of freezing ice at the insolent child, but Sammuroth would not be stopped. As if he could see where the bolts would go he dodged them never slowing his charge, never before had his warrior instincts been so sharp, but his rage fueled him and he was turning that rage into power.

There was not enough time for the man to cast another spell, he tried to run, but he had become the prey to his son's hunter, and this hunter would not let it's prey escape. Sammuroth easily caught up to his fleeing father and without remorse severed his head as he had done with his mother. Blood covered the young Kal'dorei, but he didn't care he felt nothing, no pain, no sadness, nothing, callously he wiped his blades clean on his father's robes. It is time I left this place it is only a matter of time before the guards arrive to check th noise, the pain hit him then, but he suppressed it and ran out of the room. As stealthily as he could he stole through the manor and finally reached the front doors, now all that stood between him and freedom was an army of bloodthirsty demons, he gripped his blades and stepped out the doors.

Dristis sat and listened as Sarinda and Vynathlon spoke to the old Pandaren, while remaining silent and enjoying his tea. His eyes shut, he felt a familiar tingling sensation in the back of his head, the feeling of his Death Charger trying to get into this realm through Archerus.

"Pardon me," he said quietly and stood up, leaving the house. He walked outside to the river, and pulled out a stone shaped like a dragon skull, about the size of his palm. He imbued it with shadow energy and it began hovering several feet off the ground. Two tendrils of shadow sprung out of each side, making an archway. It filled in with a fog of shadows and his Death Charger sprung out, whinnying and shaking its head in joy at seeing his master after so long.

"Hey buddy," he said rubbing the side of the horse's face. The steed looked around for Caesar, as he was usually always at the Death Knight's side, "we ran into a little trouble. Caesar is just in hiding, unless our rogue friend had found him, after he disappeared. Hopefully." he saw one of the pouches had a box in it on the horses rear left flank. The Death Knight walked over and pulled out a box wrapped in brown paper with his name written on it.

Opening the box, there was a tag taped to it that said From Thassarian, Dristis smiled and opened the box, revealing a smaller box inside. He chuckled and opened that one, revealing an old gift that Thassarian had given him in Northrend when they were still under the Lich King's banner. During Dristis' conquests across towns of the living, ravaging and plaguing all he saw, Thassarian had joined him in a few campaigns to further the Lich King's rule and had his blacksmiths fashion this weapon for Dristis. It was a revolver, made of Frostwyrm bones and refined Saronite. He was glad it was refined, as Dristis had a weakness to Saronite, causing him to snap and lose control, attacking anything living. He pulled it out. The polished bone glimmering beautifully in the sun. A holster was in the box too, which he attached to his left hip. Though he was a Death Knight, he was quite proficient with the firearm. Having practiced drawing and firing it for months on end when he wasn't conquering the living. He snapped it into the holster, and testing if the muscle memory was still there, shot his right hand down onto the grip of the revolver and pulled it out, drawing a bead on a knot in a tree.

"Still have it," he said to himself quietly. He pulled the pouch of cased ammunition out of the box, and slung it over his shoulder. He smiled, as he forgot the revolver back home. Thassarian must have went to go visit him and saw he was gone. A small note was inside.


Hope this finds you well, went to visit, but saw you were gone. I hope you enjoy the memories, and can see me when you are back around.



He smiled again, closed the portal and led his Death Charger back into town. There was a black scorch mark in the sand near the river, and the Death Knight withdrew the shadow energy from the sand, returning it to its pure white color. He tied the steed to a post in town, and went back inside the old Monk's house and sat down on his pillow.
The streets were quiet, strange considering Sammuroth hadn't got a decent night's sleep since the demons arrived, where is everyone. It was way too quiet, and though he was young Sammuroth knew that quiet was never a good sign. He didn't have time to ponder things though, it wouldn't be too much linger before th guards discovered the bodies, taking a deep breath he went outside. He slowly made his way to the east, having heard a report that the resistance forces were somewhere in that direction. He made his way without trouble for almost an hour, maybe I will make it without trouble, but as luck would have it at that moment he heard a branch snap to his left, "Damn." Turning towards the noise Sammuroth gripped his blades preparing for the worst, and the worst is what he got, out of the trees a hulking demon stepped forth. It was easily seven feet tall with bulking muscles it carried a gigantic broadsword that was easily as long as Sammuroth was tall.

Sammuroth believed the creature was called a felguard, they were the main footsoldiers of the Legion's army, "Well hey there big guy, you wouldn't be willing to let me pass would ya," in answer the demon roared and charged swinging it's huge weapon. Luckily the thing was slow and the adrenalin from his fight earlier hadn't quite worn off so he easily dodged the attack by leaping to the side, "guess not." Sammuroth came right back at the creature, knowing it's roar had probably alerted it's fellows, he needed to end this quickly, Sammuroth executed the same cross cut he had used on his father one sword going vertical, the other horizontal. This creature wasn't his father unfortunately, and though his attack had done some damage, the demon shrugged it off like nothing, the creature's blood poured from the wound, but it only came on more furiously. Sammuroth desperately dodged the sword, know way I could parry that thing, thinking this he continued to dodge scoring small nicks whenever he could. After what seemed like an eternity, the demon finally began to slow down, and that was all Sammuroth needed, he darted under the demon's reach and stabbed, one blade going into it's groin the other it's chest, and not even a demon could stay standing after all that damage.

Sammuroth watched as the demon fell, unable to stay standing, quickly he ran over to it and severed it's head before it could regain it's strength, "Well that wasn't so bad," Sammuroth laughed, believing he had scored a huge victory. It was short lived however, as he heard running footsteps turning he saw a small contingent of at least ten demons running his way, "Well so much for celebrating." He ran for all he was worth, the demons right behind him, he put his blades away and unslung his bow, he fired as he ran, not caring if he scored a hit he just hoped it slowed them down. He made his way for a denser part of the forest, hoping to lose them, but the demon's crashed through the trees as if they were nothing but saplings. Maybe I should just let them take me I could see my sister again, shaking that thought away he continued running, his sister would hate him if he died because of her actions. The chase continued for what seemed like hours and the fatigue from his two previous battles were beginning to hit him hard, he stumbled as he ran, but his training let him regain his balance quickly. He could still hear the demons behind him, and he glanced over his shoulder, that proved to be a fatal mistake. As he turned his foot caught on a root and sprawled face down, he knew he couldn't get up in time to keep going, so he closed his eyes and waited for the end.

It never came, as he lay there with his eyes closed he heard the sound of battle, and soon after as the battle raged a gentle hand touched his shoulder. Looking up Sammuroth saw a Kal'dorei male wearing robes that looked spun from the very trees, green hair and beard adorned his head. The man smiled, "Are you alright, my name is Malfurion Stormrage, let's get you out of here."
Gilneas, a few years ago: The sun was just on the horizon, Seth and Celia had had their wedding hours before, and they newly weds were relaxing on the balcony of their new home. Seth looked at his wife, her Blonde hair was down on her shoulders, her blue eyes glimmering in the sunset. She had taken off her wedding gown, and put on more relaxing clothes, as had Seth."Now we're married.... now else could we possibly do?" Seth had said with a grin, "Not yet... we've been married for less than a day, we should be having some fun... but I don't think I'm ready for that much fun yet." Celia replied. "Then what should we do? Its already been almost twelve hours since we had gotten married,and all we've done is sit around," Seth then grabbed his wife and pulled her close, then began to kiss her cheek, "I'm serious! I don't think we should be doing that yet.""fine,fine... his about we go down the the leather shop and get something special for you... maybe a bag, like the one I gave you when we first met." Seth suggested, Celia then stood up and walked I to the bedroom, and she called over to Seth, "Yeah, this is starting to get boring... are you coming or am I going to have to wait for you to actually get tired?" Seth then kept up and sprinted into thier bedroom, and within nine short months, Ivan was born.

Seth continued to fantasize until he heard a tipping noise, he had forgotten that the death knights dog was still following him. Seth hefted the creature onto his lap, and began to stroke his hands through the dogs fur with tears streaming down his face.
As one memory fades another rises to take it's place, a point in Sammuroth's life where everything for him changed, though at the time he did not know it.

It had been three weeks since Sammuroth had escaped from Zin'Azshari, after he had been rescued by Malfurion Stormrage he had come to Ravenholdt manor where he joined the resistance. He had proven himself in battle time and again, and his work was rewarded with a promotion to the rank of lieutenant, and a squad to lead. He and his squad had been dispatched to gather information on enemy movements, it had been Sammuroth's decision to go out with only his second in command in tow. They watched from the shelter of the trees as the demonic forces marched through their homeland, Sammuroth turne to his second, "How many do you figure?" His fellow Kal'dorei sighed, "Too many, at least over ten thousand, maybe more things don't look good sir," Sammuroth smiled, "things haven't looked good since these ugly creatures came into our world." The other Kal'dorei smiled at his commanders joke, the mirth was short lived as reality set in, "What should we do commander?" Sammuroth thought for a moment, " We need to report back they are becoming too numerous we risk being discovered if we stay here too much longer," the other nodded and they prepared to return to headquarters.

Before they could climb down, a massive force assualted the tree kncking them both off their perch and down to the hard ground below. As the recovered from the shock a voice, that chilled the Kal'dorei right to their very souls, mocked them, "Well,well,well, what do we have here, it looks like a couple of little mice, have come to play, hehehehe." The two Kal'dorei whirled, drawing their blades in the process, to face whatever demon had discovered them, despair assaulted them as they saw what they faced. A demon over nine feet tall, with wings sprouting from a muscular upper body, into equally muscular legs, that ended in cloven hooves, gigantic horns adorned it's head, and it wielded a gigantic falchion radiating demonic energy. A Doomguard, the Legion's field generals, feared their tactical minds and fierce fighting style, Sammuroth did his best to hide his fear, his second, however was not so strong willed, as he collapsed at the sight of the creature. The Doomguard's smile faded, "Giving up already, how disappointing," quicker than Samuroth could react the demon sent a bolt of demonic energy right into his companions chest, flinging him back into a tree, where he crumpled to the ground broken, and quite dead.

Anger boiled up in Sammuroth's mind, as he faced down the creature, all thoughts of fear gone, in a burst of white hot fury. The demon faced the lone mortal, his smile returning, "Perhaps this won't be so disappointing after all, I can feel the anger radiating off of you mortal, and that look on your face is a good one. Will you be able to entertain me for awhile," Sammuroth readied his twin blades, "I am going to kill you," the demon laughed, "oooh, I am so scared, hehehe, those are tough words coming from a mortal." The demon drew his falchion, which was at least twice the size of Sammuroth's blades, but none of that mattered now, Sammuroth thought back, having seen these creatures fight before, he knew what it would do first. The demon hurled a bolt of shadow energy, thinking to finish off this foolish mortal in one strike, but it was not to be, as Sammuroth expecting thisrolled forward coming up in a sprint charging at the seemingly defenseless demon. Steel clashed as the combatants came together, Sammuroth went through a simple routine of slashes and thrusts, trying to feel out his ooponent, but this opponent was no ordinary demon. It not only parried every attack, but the force with which it parried shook Sammuroth's arms right to the bone, forcing him to retreat.

The demon cackled, "Oh, you will provide me with some entertainment won't you mortal, tell me what is your name so I can carve it into my sword." Sammuroth showed no fear as he faced down the demon, "Sammuroth Stormfury, formerly, Sammuroth Lightfury," the demon raised it eyebrows, " 'Lightfury' you say? Now where have I heard that name before, oh yes now I remember a family of Highborne were murdered in their home, and their youngest son escaped. It is presumed the son killed the entire family, so is it true, did you kill your family," Sammuroth did his best to keep his emotions in check, "I had to stop them from damning themselves any further, and from corrupting my sister. The demon laughed it's voice carrying through the forest, "Oh, this is rich, you say you killed them to stop them from damning themselves, damning yourself in the process, that's hilarious, you are more like us the you care to admit." Sammuroth shouted back, "Silence demon, I am nothing like you, you and your ilk kill for the enjoyment of it, I did what I did out of love," that statement made the demon cackle even more, "Love, you say? From the looks of the bodies the only one you 'loved' was your sister, you hesitated , didn't you, you couldn't bring yourself to kill your beloved sister, so she did it for you, oh yes we demons can tell the difference between murder and suicide, and your sister took her own life with your blades."

As the demon laughed and mocked him something in Sammuroth snapped, "Shutup,shutup,shutup,shutup,shutup," shouting those two words he charged the demon again, delivering a flurry of blows, the demon was surprised at this sudden change, and was unable to parry every blow, taking several nicks, and cuts all over his body. Enraged at being injured by a mortal he sent out a shockwave of demonic energy from his body, blowing Sammuroth back into a tre, and giving him lacerations all over his body. The demon examined his body, the rage boiling up with every wound he found, "YOU DARE LAY YOUR BLADES ON UK'THOK, YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS TRANSGRESSION MORTAL!!!" Somehow Sammuroth was conscious, but he was losing blood at a steady pace, but he met the demon's, whose name was apparently Uk'thok, fury, with his own. Jumping to his feet and charging back at the demon, who also charged, the clash of steel rang out, catching the attention of a nearby group of demons, and a Kal'dorei scouting party. When the two groups arrived they stayed far from the furious battle, the demons knew what Uk'thok would do to them if they interrupted, and the Kal'dorei out of sheer awe.

Sammuroth's fury had his warrior's instincts at their peak, wherever Uk'thok's blade went, one of Sammuroth's was there to meet it, their blades were a blur, striking each other so rapidly, that the clashing steel began to cause a screeching noise, making the Kal'dorei cover their ears. When they finally broke apart, both were covered in wounds, Sammuroth's fury enhanced adrenaline somehow keeping him standing, somewhere in that exchange Sammuroth had somehow managed to slice the demon's throat, but not deep enough to make him go down. Tainted demonic blood flowed from the wound, the demon chided itself, hehehe, I underestimated the little mortal, but what wonderful fury, all I sense from him is the intent to kill, this wound will be the end of me, but perhaps I will leave little Sammuroth a parting gift. As those thoughts raced through the demon's mind Sammuroth also knowing he couldn't continue much longer charged in again, hoping to end it in one final attack, Uk'thok smiled as he pooled some of his blood in his hand. Sammuroth was withing leaping distnce of the demon when it struck flinging, what looked to be it's blood, at his face, figuring he was aiming for his eyes Sammuroth covered them quickly with one of his blades, but the eyes were not the demon's target. He smiled as he saw his blood hit the mortal just below his sword, and he could snese that his blood had entered the Kal'dorei warrior's body, he smiled and laughed, as Sammuroth's blade plunged down his mouth he continued to laugh, his laugh never ceasing until the last of his life left his body.

Sammuroth collapsed on top of the demon's corpse, he could hear the sound of a battle nearby, and he felt himself being gently lifted up and carried before all consiousness left him.

Gavoon awoke to a feeling of numbness in his arms, Please let it not be the troll, anything but the bloody troll! He looked up to see his captor, a mixure of rage, frustration, and dismay playing across his face.

It seemed like it had been minutes, but had actually been seconds before the human had completely understood what position he was in.When he suddenly burst out yelling "TROLL AS SOON AS I GET OUT OF HERE IM GOING TO TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB! DO YOU HEAR ME? LIMB FROM LIMB!" The human continuned on, "HOW DO YOU EVEN FIND STRONG ENOUGH VINES TO KEEP ME, A WARRIOR, TIED TO A TREE?!?!" As his dismay, and frustration gave way to anger, he slammed him self into the tree, again, and again, Doing very little, besides bruise his back, all the time,continuing with his rant.

"LET ME FREE VILE TROLL SO I CAN BE THE ONE TO RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB." As his rant turned into a rage his speech was incomprehensible, mostly mixed cursing. it was obivous the human was not very used to being at the wim of other people, let alone his enemy, for a second time.

Then he noticed, something he hadin't noticed in his rage, it was a life size painting of the troll, not good, but good enough for a quick glance. This drove him again into another fury, where he yelled "TROLL GET BACK HERE SO I CAN RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!"

After a few minutes of cursing and yelling, he calmed himself, noticing he had broken the vines sometime in his rage, he mentally face palmed and looked down, noticing he was in a tree, he climbed down, picked up his weapons on the ground.

How do I always get seperated from the group? Gavoon wondered quizically to himself as he looked around his immediate area. Speaking loudly to him self gavoon said "Nothing, NOTHING! everything looks the same, the tree's, the plants, are their even any animals out here? I haven't seen any!" Nearing another stress induced state of rage, gavoon barely calmed down.

He took a look at his surrondings and set off towards a random direction, hoping he would end at shore.
While Vyn was speaking Dristis left the building. When Vyn was finished responding and before Leung had a chance to speak, he got up and said "I'm sorry I'll be right back." Then Vynathlon left the building and watched Dristis open up a portal back to Acherus while watching from behind the building and saw as a deathcharger came out and whinnied at him. Dristis seems to have found something. From what Vyn could see from afar, it was of bone design but nothing like the Knights of the Ebon Blade or the Scourge issued. It looked like a miniature rifle used by the dwarves but not. When Dristis returned inside Vyn came out from his hiding place and walked away, trying to pass the time. He eventually came upon a hill where he could watch everything going on, the birds, the trees, even the pandaren farmers wondering how exactly all of their crops were dying when in reality it was just Vyn releasing some insects infected by a strain of crop-killing viruses. Vyn just sat and thought. He closed his eyes.

Vynathlon opened his eyes and saw that he was a completely different place. Horses were riding on by, Human farmers were tending to their crops and patrols were riding on by. He walked along and saw the letter L with a blue background imprinted on several tabards that he passed by.
"Knight Dawnbringer!"
What the hell was that? Vynathlon thought, looking confused and looking in the direction that it was coming from. A knight, no more than 18, was wearing the same L imprinted tabard with Alliance militia gear who was seated on a brown horse, approached him.
"Dawnbringer, there you are." The knight said to Vynathlon looking directly at him, "I've received word that Commander Darkbane has requested your summons!"
Vynathlon was confused out of hell. He looked at him with an insane look on his face. "What the hell are you talking about?" He said.
"No offense sir but are you feeling well?" The knight said. "Listen there isn't much time just head into the keep over there" He points at the keep behind him, "and head down to his office. His office should down the third hallway on the left, two doors down, up the staircase and it should be the first one on your right."
Vynathlon said "You need to rest for a while" Then Vynathlon released his toxins within himself and expected the knight to start to gag and start to suffocate but nothing happened.
"You're right I do but I still have to get out all these summons first!" The knight said to him. "Farewell Sir Dawnbringer!" The knight said to him and then rode off into the distance.
What just happened? Vynathlon thought. Why didn't my poisons work on him? Vynathlon looked down at his hand and saw it was in some sort of blue plate glove, and then noticed the armor around him. He ran into a house nearby and found a mirror. "What the hell?" Vynathlon gasped. Instead of the decaying body wrapped inside of dark iron that he usually sees, before him was a young man around that of thirty, with yellowish/blonde hair, and a full suit of armor. His entire body was in that of a gold looking armor except for his gloves which were a blue and his arms which seemed to be a mix between blue and gold, his shoulders had a small recreation of those of a lion's head, and he was wearing the same L-imprinted tabard as the others were only the background was white and the L was in blue. There also was a white line on either side of him that seemed to go down his armor, and behind him was a white cloak with gold trimming as well. And to top everything off, a faint golden aura seemed to radiate from himself as well. He walked outside and saw a sick looking animal and reached down to see if he could kill it, instead the opposite thing happened. The animal got better and ran off into a nearby bush.

What the hell is going on? How did I get inside of this suit of armor and why didn't that animal die back there? Vynathlon thought to himself.
"What are you doing Sir Dawnbringer? The Commander has requested your summons over five minutes ago, you better get there now before he gets really impatient." A passing knight said to him.
OK from what I can gather in this alternate dimensional world, my name is Sir Dawnbringer, I have paladin like powers, and I have a position within this human militia. Best to play along. Vynathlon thought to himself. "Don't worry I'm already on my way there now." Vynathlon assured the passing knight.

Vynathlon entered the keep, entered the third hallway on his left, the second doorway, went up the staircase and opened the door to the room on the first on the right. "Ah right on time." The Commander said to him, "Dawnbringer, take a seat this will be fast and brief." After Vyn took a seat he continued, "As you very well know, we have lost Northrend to what seems like a bunch of undead. Well we've received reports that they might be trying to expand past Northrend. They might be trying to colonize this area as their own. Prince Arthas and Lord Uther have set up an expedition to protect the homeland, and as your superior I want nothing more than to do the same. I've seen you in action once before, while you have not been a paladin for too long, I know that you have the potential for great things, that's why I want you to be joining them. It is of course up to you to decide whether or not you wish to come along." Commander Darkbane said to him.

"Of course, sir. There is nothing I would want more than to help Prince Arthas to save the kingdom." Vynathlon said trying to blend in.
"OK good. I knew you would accept so Arthas should be expecting you. Head down the fleet of stairs, and get your horse. You should expect to meet up with him in the northern outskirts of Strahnbrad. Good luck out there Dawnbringer." The commander had said to Vynathlon. Vyn then went down the stairs once more and found the stables and entered it. When he got down there, he started to look for his horse, until he was slammed into an excited horse that started to whinny at him. From his previous experience with horses, he knew that this was his horse. It was a clean white horse that was wearing silver and gold armor and had a blue saddle on top. Vynathlon got aboard it and came galloping out of the stables into a random direction. Somehow from what Vyn noticed, most of this looked familiar and charged into the direction that he believed where Strahnbrad was.

Vynathlon opened his eyes once more and found that he was back in the world of the pandas. He looked at his hand and saw the black rotting decay encompassing his hand and sighed. He looked up again and watched a cloud in the distance.

Eggads, how long have I been walking? he thought to himself as he was tredging threw the jungle Maybe I'm going the incorrect way, and i'm really going towards the center. Oh god, what if I'm going in circles? looking at his feet, obviously beaten, gavoon continued to walk forward, mostly thinking, but still walking ahead.

I should stop and set up camp, atleast I can get some rest, I won't find the beach tonight. he thought as his feet his sand. looking around, gavoon noticed that he was no where near the old camp, infact, he did not know where he was, he could have been miles, or yards, away from a previous position he had been in.

Looking up at the sky, he thought to himself Yet again, I am far away from an civilization, and have no idea where anyone is, and I know the troll is somewhere out in the wilderness.

Pulling out his sword, he began to cut all the vines in the immediate area, all the while thinking Bloody troll won't get me tied up so quickly as before. Gavoon made a 5 yard radius around his camp site, cutting all vines. But then deciding it was not large enough, he did a 10 yard radius.

Standing back and looking at his handiwork, he smiled. and walked back to his "Camp" and sat down, thinking glumly about what he knew to do survive in the jungle Walking in there will do me no good, but neither will standing near the shore. Then a thought came to his head, If I make a bonfire, any passing ships will notice me! although, morel likely, something will spot the smoke and i'll have a fight on my hand. considering his possibilities he brought his palm to his face, and got to work.

His blade was getting dull as he chopped at at branches, making them suitable size to start a fire. 'soon as I get back, i'm going to get my blade sharpened, no wait, mead first. smiling happly, gavoon continued his actions, with his ever dulling sword.
Canadhiel and Jio

"I was considered an accomplished scribe back with my people, as well as a good cook, and an excellent herbalist. There is also combat: knife and hand to hand. I'm afraid I'm not much good at spells... That was my sister..."
Jio made a soft 'tsk' sound with his tongue, gently touching the elf's shoulder. "We all have things that we excel at, and others that we do not. Try not to sound so upset about it." He joked with her, gently throwing a playful punch against her arm. It might bruise; it wasn't quite as delicate as Jio seemed to think it was. “Myself, I would consider myself an accomplished chef and brewer, more than adequate in the skills of hand-to-hand combat, yet... I could never build a great building like this; much less decorate it so intricately.” He told her, gently running his hand along the carvings along the wall, displaying strange and wondrous creatures not found elsewhere in Azeroth. Serpentine beasts twisted through the air, long necked cranes spread their wings to bathe in the carved sun. In the mountains, strange and fearsome creatures, yet also some ram-like creature with long fur. The patterns strayed far beneath the ‘earth’ in the pictures. Deep down, revealing strange runes and mystical depictions. It was these pictures that Jio’s hand pulled away from sharply, a flicker of concern flitting across his face as he eyed them.

Blinking, he turned his attention from the wall, and made his way along the isles of books. “What was it you inscribed?” He questioned, running his hands along the stiff wooden book case, looking at strange letters. Seeming pleased with what they said, he motioned for the elf to follow him between the bookcases. As they walked down, one could note the many scrolls neatly rolled and carefully tied closed. Glass cases held interesting writing utensils, one made from the multi-coloured feathers of a crane. Down this isle held most of the more beneficial inscriptions to the Pandaren. Inscriptions that taught warriors special attacks and movements, those that would otherwise be passed over by a teacher. They contained techniques used by heroes of old, and techniques for different paths of life. Pulling out a book, Jio opened it to a dog-eared page. Clearly this page was visited frequently. He motioned Cannadhiel over to the strange and wondrous book, running his finger over a detailed picture of a strange yet beautiful plant.

“I don’t imagine you would recognize this plant.” He told her, grinning. The petals of the flower were outlined in golden ink that glittered in the light. “This is the golden lotus. It is very rare... at least, for those who don’t know where to find it.” He winked at her, and laughed. “The golden leaves are considered highly valuable for their mystical properties. The very taste of them...” He trailed off, his eyes seeming to go out of focus. “It is like... all of the... good in the world, pooled into one, rich, sweet... taste.” It was difficult for him to explain it. “It is the secret recipe for my brew.” He chuckled suddenly. “The leaves, simmered in water, can last for a long time, which is a good thing, because the plants only bloom at certain times of the month. Perhaps if you and your companions stay long enough, I can show you in two nights.” His voice was clearly eager, pushing the boundaries of a booming volume due to the excitement.

Carefully closing the book, he handed it to her. “Here, I would like you to take this. It details most of the plants here on Pandaria, explaining how to best harvest them, at what time, and what their properties hold. I am certain that since you are such a skilled herbalist, it will be of value to you. At least that way, if you can’t stay long enough, maybe you can find the golden lotus on your own.”

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