Dry's Cataclysm Bucket List

Its been sometime since I've posted on here, unfortunately I was gone for for a year deployed and while I couldn't be here to fight for the goodly causes of Azeroth I knew I would be back in time. Still I missed the boat on alot of the raiding content this game had to offer really only experiencing DS

So before the spring is out I would like to try and accomplished a few things this weekend if I can find some volunteers.

Cataclysm dungeon hero -for the drake
Lich king dungeon hero- for the drake as well (only missing occulus and nexus)
And the four raids previous to DS, Firelands isn't hard to find a group for but the others I never see anyone making a group for.

So if you kind ladies and gents could, please spread the word I'm looking for a healer and a couple of dpsers this weekend.

Take care and message me in game

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