Stable Core looking for more Raiders!

Stable group looking for additions for DS10. Immediately in need of talented tank with viable dps offspec, prefer warrior but other classes are encouraged to inquire. Less immediate, but ongoing recruitment for 1 healer (druid/priest) with viable dps offspec; 1 melee and 1 of those elusive casters. Must be willing to put in the time and effort for the kills,even if it means beating our heads against the wall for a couple days. We are seeking people that will do what is needed to get the kill, class knowledge,drive to achieve success, reliable, and most of all people who still have a love for the game and their mains. At this point our progression is 2/8H with pre-nerf DW kill. We have suffered from boredom, real life issues and overall just a lack of some team members really wanting more. The core of this group is solid, has tremendous support in guild and just needs to firm up a few positions and/or weak spots. Our goal is to complete content, we don't agree there is nothing left to do in Cata so long as Heroic Deathwing lives. Looking into Panda we are seeking those willing to commit to their main and push for early progression.Time: Wen/Thurs 8-11pm (server/est)/every other Tuesday 8-11pm as needed

Contact: Bargoth or Cheekymunkey (a note in game works well as we do toon hop at times) or even reply here and we will get to you asap.
the search goes on :D
Nice group of people, these folks are.
Thanks Andrehaj, yep we enjoyed you also!
Thanks Adrehaj, It was a pleasure having you.

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