How long will it take to level 85-90?

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How long is it going to take me to level through Pandaria?

And I ask that from the perspective of - I'd rather earn it than do it in my sleep.

I absolutely hated the fact that Cata literally shoved me through the content at warp speed, and before I knew it I was 80-82 in a night. Knocking on the door of 85 in a weekend. As a player who takes his time (albeit an experienced one that knows how to kill with mass efficiency), I do not want to chew up content - the likes of which won't ever be unknown to me again - like a power lunch between tasks. I don't want that. I want to appreciate my surroundings in a manner that doesn't feel like I'm forcing myself to walk with a cane. YOU need to impede me, not myself.

The retread 1-60 in Cata was magnificent. Beautiful job. Unfortunately, I felt like I was pushed into a roll position where I was flattening mobs like a log rolling down a hill killing daisies. there simply was not any way to avoid it. (Would it really hurt to afford some pack pathing that actually creates an obstruction? Force me to stop and think for a moment?)

Now, I find that a bit of a shame but at least it makes sense from the perspective of getting new players up to par with those of us at the End Game.

But here's what makes no sense at all...

Affording the very same killing spree to veteran players leveling 80-85. What sense does it make that I'm +2 levels in a handful of hours? Is that helpful to the person way behind me wanting to catch up? Uh, nope. You've simply exaxcerbated the problem.

Furthermore, as the Developer, how does it best serve your interests to slam me up against endgame as fast as humanly possible? Is that really where YOU want me to be? Are you sure you want me to be there before you can even think about tomorrow? Cuz I'll be thinking about tomorrow the moment I get there. Particularly if you've established this accelerated progression into the game. That could only be there because I'm supposed to hurry, right? What's next?!

Do us all a favor and suit the spirit of this 'out of the box' expansion: Allow the leveling process to graduate patiently and holistically, REAListically. I don't add another number to my age every four hours. How 'bout I don't graduate to a new level of baddass every four hours, seven years after I started the process. Allow me to roam, let me soak up my surroundings, look down at my added experience and recognize...

'There's no need to hurry, I haven't advanced all that much. I won't be adding a new number next to my name by the end of tonight. Might as well take my time and fart around with this recklessly entertaining gnarled bunny that wants what's in my sack. I'll get there eventually. But it does not have to be tonight... whoa, that's a real nice lookin tree. I may have not noticed something like that in Cata.'

Ya know?

There's no reason that a solid month of questing required to level up to 90 - would ruin the players entire experience going forward. There's new dungeons along the way. Plenty of crafting to do, etc. I don't need to be at the end fast enough to get bored before some new material shows up. Slow me down, and let me soak up that new material NOW - not later. (How's that for an ironic quantifier, eh?).

I can definitely appreciate the multitude of additional content types for Pandaria - beyond Scenarios, Challenge Modes, Pet Battles. Things like, well, Interactive Faction Rep progression/ascendence (and its additional currency). Lorewalkers (and interest appropriate rewards for those who like to listen). Multiple Molton Front/ visually altering situations according to my ascending efforts. Farming! All of that is going to help me stay engaged at max level and in all honesty, after researching the litany of these very types of things - I feel much better about Blizz understanding what's currently wrong with the game. The MoP experience will headily improve on my current one, no doubt.

Having said that, the number one thing MOST wrong with the game - is the artificial stop-watch the vast majority of players now hold in their hand at all times. I don't come to WoW for more chores that need to get done as expediently as possible. I come here to challenge myself against things that threaten me, and to pleasurably ascend in a manner that allows me to enjoy surroundings that the real world can't quite offer. And to do so with others who share a commonality of purpose. The rhythm of all that, the tick of the artificial clock - is set to the tune of the Leveling Process. All other rhythms are set to that clock. All expectations of ascendency and achievement - are set off that clock. And if I can level from current to max in less than a week while the majority of my efforts are spent eating Doritos? You will once again have 9/10ths of the population banging on your door going, 'Where's the next thing? I'm bored!!' (And when they're not doing that they'll be spamming "Go, Go, Go!" to the player base, *#*!*# any sense of relaxed appreciation or opportunity to learn.)

Given the central focus of this expansion: Exploration (and btw, I don't think it's quite landed on people that this is a continent separated from all that we know, for eons. Nevermind what we see will be different, but what INHABITS it will be all new as well. And that's pretty clutch from a 'freshness' perspective. Your effrots there appear to be substantial):

What are your plans regarding the XP curve to lvl 90?

Here's to favoring something close to what it used to be. As opposed to all the problems caused by what it's recently been. Please, do not allow the inmates to run the asylum. Discipline!
Too long to read, and yet you took the time to offer a blind opinion on something you're not interested in.

That confuses me... Greatly.
endless grinding on retrieve said item quest seems fun.
03/20/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Forque
Cata literally shoved me through the content at warp speed

I kindly suggest that you look up the definition of "literally," good sir. Have a good one!
Summarize.. man you people are really annoying with these 7 page essays. We the readers want to get straight to the moral of the point.
Hopefully it does take a bit longer than Cata. After my initial 85, I found I could level 80-85 in five very casual nights gaming.
However long it takes, I am gonna have fun with all the new stuff. So much to do....
dude this is a public forum don't write things that long people are stupid and don't want to read that much

Wholeheartedly agree, OP.
03/21/2012 03:32 PMPosted by Izzý
Summarize.. man you people are really annoying with these 7 page essays. We the readers want to get straight to the moral of the point.

That's why I so generously offered you the crux of the issue in bold, mate. I'm so thoughtful.

One of the recent developer Q&A's I saw on WoWhead said that were unhappy with how linear the questing felt in Cataclysm, particularly in Mount Hyjal and Deepholm, where you got near 85 just by finishing those two zones with a few of the instances added in for xp. Hopefully they'll remedy that by having a little something to do instead of just having multiple zones untouched by the time you reach the cap, with no obvious reason to return unless you want the achievements.

Yup, I saw that. However it looks to me like they thought to solve that issue with the 2 'alternate' zones (like WOLK had). They were smart to do that. It definitely helps. But that doesn't at all read to me like 'We recognize the litany of problems caused by a weekend 80-85 leveling experience. We see how that accelerated pace massively amplified expediency expectations and threw the Player Base into a feeding frenzy of Fast that completely decimated the inherent expectations of a game such as this.'

I also recently heard (I think it was the last Blizz podcast) them defend the current 80-85 leveling arc, and kill difficulty, by pretty much saying 80-84 is fast but the final zone takes longer. And that 'If you're not real careful in Twilight Highlands you might die.' Which totally says to me, 'We think everythings fine. We're sticking with that accelerated curve.' It shocked me they recognize no problem there. They don't seem to recognize the link to how eveything else fell apart because of it (including the Heroics issue. Which the leveling ease is completely responsible for).

The simple solution is gimp the xp rewarded for mob kills, and increase their pack size and pathing challenge. Honestly, that's a real simple fix that would really help.

You might note that when they annouced the 'No-fly' concept at Blizzcon, the response was mass cheers (so I know I'm not alone on this. The core players DO recognize the issue). Corey was surprised by that. I'm hoping they bank that response and build off it.

03/21/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Lupín
dude this is a public forum don't write things that long people are stupid and don't want to read that much

Appreciate you so eloquently illustrating that point.

/applauseWholeheartedly agree, OP.

Hurrayz! <3
03/21/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Aenimma
No one is stoping you from taking your time to level and soaking up the environment. The part about taking 1 month to get from 85 to 90 won't work because blizzard would need to go back and redo all of the xp needed from 1-85. Why would or how could blizzard sell the idea of you taking 2 weeks to get from 1-85 and then take 1 month to go from 85-90?

Because each level is supposed to take longer than the one before it. That's SUPPOSED to be how the curve works.

When I dinged 60 back in Classic, I figured by the time I was leveling 79-80 it might take a month alone to achieve just that. That's how the curve went.

I can understand why they minimized that concept. But the idea that each successive level ought take the same amount of time as the one before it... is nonsense. That's broken, man.

If it takes 1wk to go 85-90 then 1 mo for the next five levels totally works from a ryhthm perspective.
TL'dr but going nonstop 1-2 days proberly
How long did it take in BC, in Wrath, in Cataclysm?

Somewhere in the 3 days range, if you played for the whole day. Extend that if you don't take time off and play 17 hours a day :P

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