<Desire> 6/10M GMT+8 LF Tank + Holy Pally

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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bump for full 6/6 clear, looking for just 1 exceptional ranged dps now! =)
still looking for 1 great ranged dps!
bump for the open ranged dps spot =)
bumping for H Stone Guard kill on this first day of the new raid week =)
another obligatory bump for fresh H Feng kill =)
now just needing one solid warlock, bump!
Hi there. I'm definitely interested if you guys think I'm good enough. Can you add me Rich#1297 and we can talk? Cheers. I'll submit an app with WoL when I get home.
still looking for a skilled, heroic-ready warlock =)
opening up recruitment for one experienced tank, also still looking for a good warlock!
bump with updates for current progression
bump with updated recruitment needs
Melee DPS
1 x Rogue / Windwalker Monk
1 x Frost DK, candidates with capable tanking offspec will be preferred

Ranged DPS
1 x exceptional Warlock
And druid/monk heals
Bump for 6/6 HoF :)
Bumpy Mc Bumper-sauce
still LFM - recruitment priorities as listed, but we also welcome all other skilled, quality apps =)
Bump! Looking for more friends!
Bump for my friend :)
bump with updated progression and recuritment needs!

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