<Desire> 6/10M GMT+8 LF Tank + Holy Pally

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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02/13/2013 02:08 AMPosted by Ptea
Seriously considering trading nudes for a good mage/spriest app.
I'm an undead in robes if that counts!
Least I don't die in LFR Spirit Kings, baddy.
>:( They didnt stack up, it wasn't my fault!
opening up a couple more spots in time for 5.2 - put in an app while they last! =P
Put in and app and come tank with this sexy beast. /flex
Ptea carries Challange Modes <3 Love you long time!
mage spot closed! now also considering warrior/monk dps for our last remaining melee dps spot! =)
I wear a pink shirt. Tank with me!
bump with updated recruitment needs. come grab ur spot in time for 5.2! =)
updating for progression and revised recruitment needs =)
still looking for more, opening up a spot for a boomy as well!
Ptea :( Your favourite Dath'Remar guild is no more! But that doesn't give you an excuse not to carry me anymore <3
bump with updates to progression!
a bump for 5.2 =)
bump with results of 1st night's outing in Throne =P
updated progression and recruitment needs!

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