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Earthen Ring
Legacy of the Alliance is a multi-MMO guild that currently has divisions in WoW (obviously!) and SW:TOR (Republic and Empire!).

Many online gamers have friends which they have lost contact with because of leaving for a new game and having to join a new guild. We set out to find a way to preserve those friendships, and the best way we can do that is by maintaining the relationships we’ve had with others and by creating a larger forum based community where gamers can count on entering a new game, knowing they are bringing fellow gamers who match their play style with them.

We are not a guild where the leadership ranks are near impossible to break into. Legacy of the Alliance offers the opportunity for advancement to anyone who shows the maturity, determination, and desire to lead. We respect the input and opinions of all our members, not just a chosen few.

* Are you tired of guild hopping through MMOs? Legacy of the Alliance currently has a roster of active members spanning across multiple games; We are seeking members who are dedicated to the entire community and wish to game with the same group of friends throughout their online gaming career.
* Applicants must register on our forums and submit an application
* Must be 18+ years
* We have a Mumble server that we utilize for all our divisions, VoiP is encouraged but not mandatory with the exception of large group activities, i.e. raids and such, where you just need to listen and take direction effectively.
(Earthen Ring)

In World of Warcraft, Legacy of the Alliance focuses on PvE mostly for now; we also intend to broaden our horizons with some PvP battlegrounds and some old school raiding! We also have a rp channel for light rp (which may or may not be rarely used, lol).

Website: legacy-gaming.enjin.com
In-game contacts:
Add me to the in-game contacts, and BUMP!
Good group of people. I joined, along with my wife, and we are enjoying the positive atmosphere. Most nights they are looking to run some kind of event (last night they did OS3D25, Onyxia, and some of Ulduar. The night before Firelands). There are always people online when we log in conversating at random times during the day. Peek time for the guild is in the evening.

Good luck on your quest! =D
Still looking for more!
What are your raid days and times?
Currently things have tailed off somewhat because of the lull in content and whatnot.

But, Fri 8-11, whatever we can get down. Some older stuff here and there, mostly spontaneous-like.

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