Vigor 25man Raiding LFM Mists of Pandaria

630pm-930 Tues/Weds "may consider mondays in the future too for 3 days of raiding in MoP"

on a loot council system - Guild website

The way it works:
- you whisper me saying you have an interests
- i armory you to see how bad/good you are "although gear doesnt matter w/skill"
- and we'll see if you would be valuable as a raider.
-we'll test where you stand as a DPS by going into a trial raid

~~jake "it doesnt hurt to ask"
Talk to Jake and my alts needed carried :D
DKs > Paladins.
My main raider's backs are startin to hurt, WTB good ppl, and stop trollin' me makunochi :D
think i just got trolled by a level 1 orc hunter... hmmm
les just say im gettin all ur good people
You so crazy Cedabrik.
392 frost DK here (OS) 396 blood (MS) very interested in raiding with you guys. Monday-wed is perfect for my schedule.
Also a form of a *bump**

At this point i will take the time to say that Vigor is under new management which is myself as RL and GM. I will also apologize for any bad blood that has been around or towards other guilds namely A lucid nightmare of whom it's members ive never actually met nor do i wish any harm to them. I have have fellow guildies who dont even play anymore who once had issues with it's members unrelated to myself. I am typically a nice guy, try to make jokes, may troll a little here and there. For any members i may have lost recently i wish them the best in their future endeavors and you'll always be a friend of mine even if we're not in the same guild.

**cough**cough** also
Vigor is LF DPS players for a brand new roster main raiding on Tues&wedsnes 630-930pm Servertime
Classic raids on mondays
Alt runs on Thursdays

04/16/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Tankservices
I have have fellow guildies who dont even play anymore who once had issues with it's members unrelated to myself.

Going to verify this- everyone in the guild I know of that had a problem with Lucid Nightmare has either moved to another server or just unsubbed.
Jake is bad, just sayin... Oh and bump for friend <3
Fresh bump, in need of awsome healers and fresh DPS faces ^_^

bug me in-game, catch me in a pug run, or bother an officer.

~~jake "i like good ppl"
Fun guy to run with, used to do ICC with him back in the day!
I guess I could push it up a bit, best of luck guys...
you guys are very kind, also bumping** lf fresh ranged dps prefer casters like thunder Turkeys, Warlocks and shadow priests, and maybe a resto shaman/ disc priest

Woot GO GO Recruit thread GOOOOOOOOOO

Ok i'll stop being a spaz now
bumping since the raid times are altered with added pvp

LF DPS/Healers

**change** tues/weds 630-930pm Server time
bump because i would love to keep growing and love the people of this server... most ppl anyways


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