[H]<Neolutum> 3/6H MV 16/16N LF DPS & Tank

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We are currently recruiting! We need more exceptionally skilled players to join our ranks for Mists of Pandaria and beyond! We pride ourselves in our ability to stay competitive with a two night raiding schedule. If you're an exceptional player and think that you might fit well with our guild then please put in an application even if your class isn't listed below.

When applying, providing us with WoL parses will greatly increase your chance to get recruited, so it's highly recommended. Any DPS that believes they'll be able to outperform one of our members are free to apply as well

Applicants must...
  • Strive for excellence every night.
  • Take advice and criticism with an open mind.
  • Adjust to progression fight mechanics and strategies quickly.
  • Be able to attend most of our raids (85%).
  • Be knowledgeable of both your class and raid role(s).
  • Have Mumble and a working headset.

To apply, create an account on our website @ http://www.neolutum.com and click on the 'Recruitment' section above and fill out the form. We will get back to you in the next two days following your application.

W, Th - 6:45 to 11 PM server

Currently highly needed for the guild (but not limited to):

  • DPS for MoP - any class spec - as long as you have solid parses, we'll look through the app
  • Particularly need a few more Ranged DPS
  • Also need one tank - Monk, Warrior or Paladin - must also be able make Tuesday 6:45-11

We're keen to cultivate our RBG team and push to 2k and above again, and ensure that there enough people to have good arena teams in each bracket. If in addition, you like raiding and have some MoP experience that is an absolute bonus to us.

If you've any questions, whisper Balthz, Belnai, Cepheus, Nosis or Vistol in game. If you need to get in touch with someone cross-faction, please add Cepheus - wwd.gaming@gmail.com

says the man that name/race changes every other week.
I embraced my inner nerd a long time ago Geni :D

Also bump!
To the top ^
Bump! Back to the top!
Quiet, you!
Come back, Fim! I didn't mean it! Really!
WTB good arms warrior too >.<
We've also got an alt-run that for the weekend that is 3/8H and an RBG team that runs Mondays!

We are particularly interested in more active PVPers, and generally someone is doing random BGs or arena everyday. Whisper Zemekis or any of the officers - we'd love to get more of you!
bump, H Spine down.
We're actively looking for top notch players in Mists - as people finish out Cata, if you find yourself looking for a new guild, give us a holler.

We want more committed peeps who like to get in there, focus up, min/max, stick around for the nights of long wipes, and compete for loudest nerd scream when we down bad guys!
I think Mith wins best nerd scream last night. Sounded like he was climaxing. "C'mon, everything you got! Almost... yes... Yes..........YEEEESSSS!"
Oh geez. It was because I was thinking.... "How can we get Zekk back into a DPS role"
I like Zekk tanking! At least I'm not forced to adjust my camera because my screen is covered by giant fat tauren bear posterior - AoE bloods, jk, flamestrike Mith's butt!
It's okay Fim, Mith is just expressing his mother bear instincts. He doesn't want to see me hurt by big bad bosses.

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