[H]<Neolutum> 3/6H MV 16/16N LF DPS & Tank

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Bump for more nerds!
Nerds for more Bump.
Bump for menage a trois with zek and genie
06/07/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Cruxxy
Bump for menage a trois with zek and genie

"Eww" must be Hindi for "Hot". Fim was just so flustered that he instinctively reverted to his native language.
Don't know a word of Hindi. My "Eww" is mostly because someone is going to make a reality TV show named "Two bros and a dolphin" and the world will be the worse for it.
I would watch the absolute !@#$ out of that show.
Two and a half dolphmen?
21ish sane people and 2.5 dolphmen LF 1 good healer.
Cause someone has to save Zekk's posterior...
I have a priest, shaman or pally to transfer if there is a spot
when u come back?! jkjkjkjk only one man in my life at a time
Bumpykins! We love healers long time!
Our raids are clearly more fun than your raids:
Good luck with your search for healers :>
MOAR! Also our RBG team will be starting up again since people are slowly pulling themselves away from D3 again. We've got a lot of solid pvpers and are looking to push to high ratings before MoP is on us. Come blow !@#$ up with us!

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