[H] Ele Shaman LF competitive RBG team

I am looking for a solid RBG team that's active and wants to push rating. I am a very competitive player when it comes to PVP. I have played with many 1500+ teams on my previous server, but now that I am over on Arthas I don't know many competitive PVP guilds. So if anyone is looking for a solid DPS for their RBG team send me a msg in-game or by mail.

During the week anytime from 3:00pm - 10:00pm server time
During the weekend anytime, as long as I know the schedule so I can be on

Enhance Gear: (most experienced)
ilvl - 396
resil - 4.5k
hp - 148k

Elemental Gear: (MAIN RBG SPEC, currently working on gear and game play)
ilvl - 392
resil - 4.6k
hp - 142k
Bump - Still looking for a solid group to play with

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