<Chain Reaction> 8/8H LF mage

Area 52
<Chain Reaction> is a 10 man raiding guild on Area 52 that has been around since vanilla. We are looking for exceptional players to help fill out our roster. We have a casual schedule and raid two nights a week. However, many of us come from a hardcore raiding background. Some of us have been in top-100 guilds while others have been guild/raider leaders themselves. We all have that itch for progression, so we take our raid time seriously, especially because our schedule is so limited. Aside from that, we're probably one of the more laid-back guilds out there. We are looking for other like-minded progression-oriented individuals who, like us, are limited to raiding only several times a week, but still want to make the most of the time that is available.

Looking to recruit:
1 - Mage

We will consider any exceptional applicants. As always, player skill will, in general, trump raid comp, so if you're a good player and are interested in our casual raid environment, feel free to contact us!

Tuesday, 7-11pm EST
Thursday, 7-11pm EST

We're generally quite laid-back and don't expect much. We do, however, expect you to know your class, know the fights, and to be able to commit to our minimal raid schedule.

Need before greed. We're a tight-knit 10 man raiding guild -- we have no need for a complex loot system.

Fill out an app at http://crguild.dkpsystem.com


contact Ghoulie (real id: justin dot gatzen at gmail dot com) or Iliketopeek in game
New thread since we haven't had open recruitment in months!
If you ever need a DK mDPS let me know.


Preferably a Canadian man who is nicely toned.
Great Claud, way to scare off potential applicants.

(yes, still looking for a hunter)
Sorry Onslaught, but we are only looking to fill 1 spot not two. Good luck though!

*yep, still looking for one awesome hunter.edit 'cause apparently without wine I cannot count. Oy!
Still could use a good hunter!
Need one of those pet class people to pew pew our hardmodes.
Free waffles to the first 5 applicants (after that you need to bring your own toaster)
Brotality, drop us an app or whisper Ghoulie in game. You can contact any member if you have questions.
Still have a hunter spot open. WTB apps!
Seems its hard to find a good hunter app, still need one though!
04/25/2012 06:54 AMPosted by Stâlker
I tend to think of myself as a a good hunter. Thanks for the smack in the face.

cant tell if trolling...
Could use a good mage to finish us out on this expansion!

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