10M [A] 2/8H Needs Holy Pally/Disc Priest

Juggernaut (2/8 Heroic) is looking for a either a Holy Paladin or Disc Priest to Join our second 10 Man team who is 1/8 Heroic. Either class should have exceptional gear (ilvl 390+) in their primary spec and be able to do decent dps in the secondary spec.

Raid times are 6PM PST to 9PM PST on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

We are a pretty laid back group looking to fill a whole in our healing team. I am not looking for players that are new to healing. You must understand your class.

If you are not one of the classes listed above but an exceptional player, than please apply. We are always looking for skilled players to add to our raids.

Please apply to http://juggernautofcenarius.wowstead.com/recruitment

Thank you

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