What is the Best Addon / Gear Optimizer

I always played arcane but I heard fire does alot more dmg if played correctly?
So I'm wondering what are the best addons for a fire mage and the best site to help optimize my gear if there is any?

Also if you wana be extra kind please post your best rotations
imo, CombustionHelper is a great addon for fire mages. it'll track your DoTs on your target to help you decide when you'll get a power Combustion cast out

as for gear optimizers, personally, on all my toons (currently just this, an alt, and a mage alt once it hits lvl cap), I use Ask Mr. Robot to plan what gear I'll be hunting for (it's a website btw, not an addon)

i'm sure others (most likely more experienced mages) will give other suggestions, but those are mine for ya

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