[H] Ex Nihilo 10M 5/8 H DS LF RDPS

Ex Nihilo is a Horde guild, raiding 3 nights a week on Blackrock (PvP-PST), and we're looking for an additional raiders to bolster our core as we progress into Dragon Soul heroics.

Raid schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

8:00pm to 11:00am EST (5:00pm - 8:00pm PST)

Hard-Mode Progression: Tier 11 8/13 heroics. FL: 6/7 HM. DS: 8/8 NM 5/8 heroic DS.

Ex Nihilo, we pride ourselves in maintaining a close-knit community. We have been around since of Burning Crusade, and many of us are friends outside of the game. We transfered here from Lightbringer, as that was a dying horde server.

Many of us work full time, parents, or students who share a strong desire to experience end game progression without spending all week playing or bouncing your head off your key keybroad wiping. We do take raiding seriously so we try to maximize are time.

What we expect:

Experience w/ all Dragon Soul NM encounters and most HM encounters
Minimum 390 ilvl
Exceptional attendance
Up-to-date on your class / off spec
Know DS heroic enounters
Previous raiding experience
LOGS help

Couple rdps raid spots open for:
1 Hunter
1 Spriest/Lock

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply, regardless of class or spec.

How to apply:

Head to http: www.exnihiloguild.com

You can also whisper Shyia, Ikillyou, or Dyoar

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