Haste vs. Mastery for Holy Priests?

First of all... damn its nice to be back. I've been gone a while and its nice to come back to the game after a good break. To bad I forgot a LOT about my class!

I've got the majority of my healing down, even did 10m DS with my old raid. Now I just got to know what I should be reforging? I read from one place that Haste is top, then from another Mastery. Now I need to know, what should I be reforging? Thanks.
Either one works. Try both and see what works best for you. I personally prefer Mastery for 10 man DS as it also compliments my Discipline playstyle (heavy PW: Shield usage) which I also play a lot of.
As Ash said, both work. The best will depend on your raid, spell usage, and specific boss fights. (For instance, Heroic Spine favors Crit, of all things, because Renew is godly and Crit is the only spell that significantly affects Renew beyond the additional tick afforded by 12.5% Haste.)
As Holy, I've been running with a Mastery focus once I got my Haste to a comfortable level for me, and it's been working great in both 25man LFR and 10 man regular DS.
I tend to avoid Haste simply because I feel more comfortable with the reflexive timing of slower cast spells, so I've been stacking a crapton of Mastery as of late.

The numbers that come off the echoes generated by Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing, and critical strike Greater Heals are a beautiful thing to behold.
I mastery stack for holy, sit my haste as close to 12.5% as I can. Echo's is usually 3rd or 4th healing for me on every fight (that I use holy on) except spine which we are working on, I may be working into a high crit reforge for our next go at spine just to see if that works.

Haste really only effects the renew hot(not including normal cast timers obviously), echo's can't be hasted AFAIK so I rather keep haste low. Either style works fine but just remember if you roll a high haste build you will have to be careful of how constantly you are healing, mana can become an issue.
K everyone is saying mastery....but can we get some numbers? I'm a 389 Holy and I have 17.04 mastery. What's everyone else have with their ilvl?
As a holy priest I prefer Mastery once you get your haste to around 12.5%. I, fortunately, have around 14-15% haste, and around 20% mastery. I have reforged every piece of haste I could to Mastery.

My ilvl is around 404-405, so my gear allows me to stack lots of mastery while maintaining a good haste percentage.
just depends on playstyle and what your up against and ur raid. Truth is tbh there isnt a huge difference in the overal numbers.

Haste lets u dish it out a lil faster and can make you go oom a lil quicker
Mastery is slower cast but bigger EoL

Healing Aggressive with either factor into which is better which is basically saying how u play and what you feel comfortable with. The numbers are so close there really isnt a stigma of 1 is better then the other.
I prefer my healing to be upfront and active so I prefer Haste (and spirit), with my Mastery exceptionally undervalued in my healing gearing. I think a balanced approach would probably be good too but since much of my gear is my Shadow spec hand-me-downs I take what I can get for Holy.
I prefer haste to mastery. Maybe it's my gear, but I don't see a dramatic improvement in my healing when I have everything reforged into mastery, a la Mr. Robot. With less haste, my heals take forever to cast, and if many people are low on health at a time, that can lead to otherwise preventable deaths (in my experience). So I guess it really boils down to your play style, like what others have said. Try both, and see what you like!
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As Holy, I've been running with a Mastery focus once I got my Haste to a comfortable level for me, and it's been working great in both 25man LFR and 10 man regular DS.

This. I did a happy medium. I balanced my haste and mastery using reforging until I felt happy with how healing felt. Too little haste made me feel slow. Too little mastery made me feel weak. Balancing the two until I was comfortable was the key.

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