[A][AEST][4/8H]BWM LF Lock/Ele Shammy

Formed on day one of WoW going live, Black Wolf Mercenaries is one of the few remaining 'original' raiding guilds on our server. Black Wolf Mercenaries are a guild driven to see high end challenging content while maintaining that friendly environment.

We are an Australian guild, and our raid times reflect this:
Start @ 8:00pm AEST, end at 11:30pm AEST

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Currently recruiting:

Ele Shaman

Gear is not an issue, however it is preferable to be at least ilvl385

We use Mumble for our raid communication, so if you do not already have this be prepared to install it.

If you wish to apply, either contact me or Tinklefairy ingame to set up an interview time, or send a PM to the username Schnell on the Black Wolf Mercenaries website, www.bwmguild.com
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