Your best tear-jerking moment-

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In any movie you ever watched in your entire life, name at least one scene, where you cried.

For me:

The Death of Artax - Neverending Story
The Death of Mufasa - The Lion King
The Death of Mufasa definitely made me cry. I start getting a lump when I so much as HEAR that music come up.

The ending of Toy Story 3 was by far the most beautifully heartbreaking scene I've ever watched. It was a major part of my childhood and a way of saying goodbye to it. It's impossible for me to watch that scene and not cry like a baby.
Old Yeller

Many manly tears have been shed.
The ending of When the Wind Blows.

The ending of Plague Dogs.

The ending of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

The ending of Ikiru.

The entirety of the Star Wars prequels and Transformers movies.
Hmm thats tough.. Ill have to say E.T. (when i saw it as a kid) and another movie that had an ending that made a big impression on me (as a kid) was the ending of Time Bandits... the kids parents just explode at the end leaving him an orphan then the movie ends lol...
Maximus's death in the Gladiator.
Also, Harry's death at the end of Armageddon. Despite having a ludicrous plot and being a typical Michael bay movie, that scene was quite epic.
Never in live action movies for some reason.

Uh once from Clannad Afterstories..

Think that's it though.
as silly as it my seem, the first time i cried at a seen in a movie was in "air bud" the first one. it was were the kid tried to get rid of the dog by throwing rocks at him and starts crying.
Message in a Bottle, near the end when Theresa is reading the note Garrett wrote just before he died. Gets me every time.

Old Yeller.

I had my heart ripped out at the beginning of Up and Finding Nemo.

Toy Story 2 and 3 brought out a tear or two.

A-Team where Mr. T ran out of bullets (ok, I'm kidding about this one).
I can't believe noone has mentioned this: Land Before Time, when Littlefoot's mom died.

Btw, all of the wannabe "sequels" to that are worthless garbage.
I can't believe noone has mentioned this: Land Before Time, when Littlefoot's mom died.

Btw, all of the wannabe "sequels" to that are worthless garbage.

The entire movie seemed depressing but then again, the first time I watched Land Before Time was during my Uncle's funeral back in the mid-90's. Everyone around me was already depressed so that really didn't help. I ended up crying more.
When Bambi's dad was burned in the forest fire. All that smoked venison going to waste really brought tears to my eyes.
Toy Story 3, when the toys were about to get burned....<_<
Optimus Prime's Death - TransFormers: The Movie (1986)
Ash Ketchum sacrifices himself for the Pokemon - Pokemon: the First Movie (1998)
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Not a movie, but Code Geass, when Lelouch Dies. I QQ everytime I see it, especially when his sister starts crying.

This week's Fairy Tail got me (eps. 123). Wasn't expecting it to have that much impact at all.
I have to say, I did get a little teary (manly of course) at the ending to Gattica where _____ went into the tube and let himself die

Happy Hunting:D
It was close for me, but I almost cried at the end of Reservoir Dogs. That ending scene is so fantastically well set up.

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