[A]<P Y R O> 8/8 DS(10),1/8HDS(10) Recruiting

<P Y R O> is a fairly new guild seeking talented ranged DPS to fill our progression group ASAP. We'd prefer a Warlock and Mage but would consider other classes as well (Excluding Shamans).

Please meet the following requirements to be considered for recruitment-
1. Minimal item level of 394
2. At least 8/8DS Experience (Heroics are plus)
3. Ability to attend every single raid (We only raid 6 hours a week so attendance is key)

Raid times: Wed/Fri 4PM-7PM (Server)

1. Druidofhell -Druid
2. Ladiegagaa -Deathknight

1. Isae -Priest
2. Telstra -Paladin
3. Theshamwow -Shaman

1. Karukoa -Enhance
2. Silktoxic -Rogue
3. Demonicshotz -Hunter
4. ----R.DPS Needed----
5. ----R.DPS Needed----

If interested please post here or feel free to contact one of the raid leaders in game via tell or mail. (Isae, Ladiegagaa, Druidofhell, Telstra)
Elemental Shaman LF PvE guild, willing to start from scratch and work my way up. im dedicated to progressing as a guild and have downed and done 8/8 DS! still need some more upgrades such as trinkets and 1 ring... willing to also xffer off Altar of Storms and xffer here!

contact me on Altar of storms
alts: epicpally, voiceoner, ezykritzlol
We're kinda heavy on shamans ATM. You'd have to contact Isae yourself personally. She has the final say overall.

Still seeking one geared and experienced ranged DPS for progression!!

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