LFM to farm AQ40

Earthen Ring
I would like to start on the rep http://www.wowwiki.com/Brood_of_Nozdormu

If anyone is interested in farming trash and bosses, send me a tell or mail. I will probably do some runs fri, sat & sun
i thought brood of nozdormu was taken out with 4.0
Nope, Brood is still in there in AQ40. Aaron, tell me what times and I'll go with you. I need to max it out on this toon as well.
If you are on tonight lets make it a impromptu run
I work late, but I should be online for a bit.
Ok i'll heal
I can heal as well, my dps gear isn't too great. I'm looking to farm until exalted.
AQ40 and Molten Core are the only 40-man raids left in the game I think.

Keep in mind that there are boss fights in there that will need a fair number of bodies.
I'd go if you're still doing this.

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