Beta Minion Changes

First thing's first: Pets no longer have mana. Instead, they have energy. This is probably why there's no longer any Mana Feed. Luckily, pets are pretty smart about how they use their energy. Their energy pools are all 200, and most abilities cost between 20 to 60 energy. Your pet won't automatically spend energy unless they have 120.

However, right now compared to other pets the Imp is at a disadvantage. All basic attacks cost energy, but when other pets drop below 120 they just go melee. Since the imp doesn't have a melee attack, he starts bolting at a much slower rate than normal.

Second, I believe Demonic Tactics exists so that the new auto-attack abilities function properly, along with some possible AI tweaks.

Firebolt: Basic attack
Blood Pact: 10% stam aura
Singe Magic: Defensive dispel. Auto-cast: dispels master when stunned, silenced, polymorphed, or feared by magic.
Flee: Jumps to master, removes snares and stuns
Cauterize Master: Does ~1k damage, then heals 12% health over 12 seconds

Torment: Basic attack
Suffering: Taunt. Auto-cast: if the voidwalker's target is not targeting the voidwalker, or if the master gets attacked
Void Reflexes: Passive 10% parry and dodge
Threatening Presence: Intimidates any target you attack, increases threat.
Shadow Bulwark: Temporarily give the Voidwalker 30% health for 20 seconds. Auto-cast: when below 20% health
Shadow Shield: 60% damage reduction for 30 seconds, when attacked do 10k shadow damage and reduce damage reduction by 20%. Auto-cast: when attacked.
Disarm: Disarms for 10 seconds.

Pretty much identical to live, except she'll auto-seduce anything that stuns, silences, or fears you.

Identical to live, except Shadow Bite no longer gets buffed damage for more dots.

Almost identical to live, but he also has the Voidwalker's Void Reflexes and Threatening Presence.

Grimoire of Supremacy Minions:
(note: all of these pets have a 10% buff to damage and health)

Fel Imp:
Same as Imp, except Firebolt is now Felbolt.

Void Lord:
Same as Voidwalker.

Blade Dance: Basic attack
Fellash: Same as Whiplash
Lesser Invisibillity: Same
Mesmerize: Like Seduce, but it works on humanoids, beasts, dragonkin, mechanical, and undead. It also shoots rainbows. Though it's not listed, this ability is channeled.

Tongue Lash: Same as MoP Shadow Bite
Clone Magic: It's Spell Steal combined with Devour Magic
Optic Blast: Same as Spell Lock, but it also does some damage.

Same as Felguard, but some abilities are re-named.
So... will Voidlord be our tank demon?
Observer:Tongue Lash: Same as MoP Shadow BiteClone Magic: It's Spell Steal combined with Devour MagicOptic Blast: Same as Spell Lock, but it also does some damage

Awesome.... that's all I got to say about that.
Absolutely loving the autocast defensive spells. +1 to Warlocks.
03/22/2012 07:21 AMPosted by Petrophiliac
Absolutely loving the autocast defensive spells. +1 to Warlocks.

This is something I will probably disable for the imp at least... Imp singing fear when I have wotf up...
Does anyone have pictures of the new pets? I just want to see them.

Also, what about infernal and doom guard? Do their abilities change?
That all looks awesome! Smart auto casting too, which is very nice. VW seems like he really got upgraded.
03/22/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Vacharn
Imp singing fear when I have wotf up...

Isn't it better to use the imps little cast then blow a 2 min cd?

Also does anyone know if the new felhunter spell steal gives the buff to the lock or the pet? Would be so fun to steal pally wings and pop demon soul.
Not always.... Like Fingoifin was saying the other day he uses singe 90% of the time on his own healer, which I assume we can still do.

It's all situtional. Anticipating any other sort of cc within singe's short cooldown I'd use wotf on the fear as that's basically all it's good for.
03/22/2012 02:52 PMPosted by Paulywally
Which will make a lot of my macro's useless.

Not necessarily. While the new auto-casts are smarter, they still might not be as smart as people would like. You still have the option of disabling auto-cast and using macros if you desire more control.
Also, I do agree that the Void Lord, Fel Imp, and Terrorguard are disappointing due to their lack of differences, but this is still just the first beta build, and Blizzard's already done a HUGE amount of work on other parts of our class.
So how is the VW/Lord now? Is it still a terrible tank or can it actually hold/generate threat?
I haven't tried to tank anything with him yet, as Destro most mobs just die too fast. I'll try to see if I can solo an instance when the PTR comes back up

Also, it seems I was wrong about the Shivarra's Mesmerize. It IS channeled, even though it's not listed as a channel. Funnily enough, it also has the rainbow animation.
I'd imagine at some point the abilities will be updated, as its barely even a beta at this point, more like a Blpha.

One of the things I'd like to see though is grimor of sac get some love, after all its not going to be used if we loss key pet abilities, toss in an effect that gives you one of the demons abilities (and make it the best ability, not something useless)
Void Lord threat test:

While I though I'd try to use him to solo-tank an instance, I quickly backed out of this plan. While the blueberry has some greatly increased single-tank ability, his multi-tanking ability is nonexistent. He has no multi-target threat abilities, and his Void Shield quickly disappears with more than one attacker. The fel/wrathguard might fare better with Threatening Presence and his AoE abilities.

So, instead I went to Tol Barad and tanked the quest boss Tank (I'd originally thought to go against Problim, but the PvP battle was in-progress).

Though Tank didn't really last very long against the impressive damage Destro can pump out, I wasn't able to pull threat off the blueberry. Also, with the use of Curse of Enfeeblement and Health Funnel, the Void Lord was able to solo-kill Tank, which helps to prove that he not only has improved survivability but also some decent damage..

Currently, I would say that the new blueberry is great for solo-tanking elites and for off-tanking Demo tanks. If things remain as they are, I'm really eager to see what people are able to solo at level 90.
Interesting post! I was looking forward to hear about the demon changes.
Small update on the Voidlord's threat:

Just finished soloing Stonecore as Demo with the tank glyph, and I had some difficulty keeping agro off him. Also, with Soul Link active he's extremely durable. Like I guessed earlier, he makes a great off-tank for a main tank Demo.

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