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A lot of interesting info was made availale from the press tour this last week. If you're avoiding spoilers, go ahead and leave the thread. Garrosh will be removed from his posiition at the end of MoP, but this thread isn't about him. Who do you want to replace him as Warchief of the Horde? It's time for YOU to decide who the next Warchief will be!* The cantidates so far that people have thought up:

Varok Saurfang. One of the most badass characters in WoW lore. A good commander willing to get his hands dirty, but never crossing the line too far.

Baine Bloodhoof. The son of the late Cairne. We haven't seen much of him, but he got off to a promising start in The Shattering and his faction leader short story. Honorable and wise, if young with a lot to learn still.

Vol'Jin . Leader of the Darkspear, and a strong supporter of Thrall. Has already shown distaste for Garrosh' leadership style, and once threatened to be the one who will kill Garrosh. Sadly this doesn't mean he'll be the one to actually do it, think of all the people who swore vengeance against Arthas and weren't there for it.

Thrall. Once beloved leader of the Horde, now considered to be too Mary Sue since Cataclysm hit. Could the former Warchief be returning to the position at the end of Mists? It has certainly been hinted at, but would blizzard really backtrack on his character development of leaving the mantle of leadership behind to become a full time shaman and world healer?

Regent Lord Lor'Themar. The proud leader of the Sin'dorei who showed his merit as a leader in the Blood Elf short story hahahaha, couldn't say that with a straight face. Yeah it's not going to be him. Next cantidate.

Sylvannas Windrunner. Cruel, pragmatic, and utterly ruthless. Ok she doesn't have any more chance at this than Lor'Themar, but at least she actually does stuff.

Garrosh again! Do you just love the big brute? Pray hard and maybe, just like when Thrall let Gallywix continue leading the Goblins at the end of their starting zone after betraying and enslaving them, they'll let Garrosh keep his throne after all his misdeeds.

Cast your votes now!*Your vote will have no actual impact on who becomes the next Warchief.
Billy the orc, from
Mordrok for Warchief.

(Serious vote: Saurfang is a boss. And like any good Dragonmaw, my main support lies behind Zaela.)
If the whispers about young Hellscream are true, then...

Sadness is a foreign concept to Mordrok, as is defeat and also cowardice. However Mordrok will say that he is disappointed. Young Hellscream showed promise, and if given time would have grown into the finest Warchief the Horde war machine has ever seen. He showed the resolve that Thrall, great and wise for his young age indeed, could not. Hellscream had the WILL TO DOMINATE. Nevertheless, if he falls to demonic corruption or some other ridiculously contrived thing, then Mordrok will put him down as he would a beloved pet who had also fallen to demonic corruption or perhaps rabies.

And should that disappointing day come to pass, Mordrok would throw his well muscled support behind Varok Saurfang in the BATTLE FOR THE THRONE.
Leothiel for Warchief! :)

To be serious, I would give Saurfang my first vote immediately followed by Vol'Jin.
03/22/2012 10:59 AMPosted by Felandis

If they say "work, work", they get my vote.

Or Varian. We don't really need him.
Saurfang, or Garrosh.

I'd hate to see Thrall become a Warchief again. He was an extremely good person, and made the Horde great but I believe conflict between Alliance and Horde needs to be encouraged, and Garrosh's attitude can fix that.

Saurfang is a plain badass from what I hear.
Saurfang. If not him, Mordrok. If not them, I quit.
03/22/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Onslaught
Saurfang told Garrosh that he would put him down should he go the route of his father. It's only fitting that Saurfang takes his mantle.

I guess Saurfang and Vol'jin can tag-team him.

I'm warning you, spoilers.

It looks like Varian will be the one leading the charge, though that may just be for Alliance characters. It would be cool to see Vol'jin or Saurfang kill Garrosh, but like the Lich King, there's a list of people who want vengeance, but Tirion was the only lore character to actually be present at his death. Sadly it seems Thrall is pretty much confirmed to be Warchief again. Kind of funny that nobody wanted to lose Thrall as warchief back in the day, but now after what they've done in Cata, people don't want him back.
Are you tired of Garrosh leading the Horde? Do you want a REAL Orc to finally step forward and lead the Horde the way it should be led?

Vote Mordrok, 2012!

(( Credit goes to Virendis, for his amazing work. ))
Lady Sylvannas shall resurrect Arthas and he will take his place as ruler of the world once again!
03/23/2012 04:39 PMPosted by Beavecoon
Lady Sylvannas shall resurrect Arthas and he will take his place as ruler of the world once again!

It figures such a comment would come from someone with the head of a beaver, and rump of a raccoon.

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