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Bleeding Hollow
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Guild Name: Shipwrecked
Recruitment: We are recruiting all classes as always!
Website: shipwrecked.enjin.com
Mumble: We have a big server and encourage everyone to use it.
Raid Times: 8:30-10:30pm EST Tues-Thurs and Sun-Mon

Immediate recruitment

We have an immediate recruitment need for a main spec healer, druid/monk/priest and shadow priest/mage that can play at a high level. Please visit our website or look for myself, Muute or Kemblee in game.

About Us
We initially started out as a fresh reroll earlier in Cataclysm, grew and flourished as a 10 man raiding guild in Firelands and Dragon Soul. However, due to the limitations of our previous server we have decided to take a step back, grow the guild and prepare for Mists of Pandaria. Instead of focusing exclusively on heroic raiding, we want to continue to build this guild to cater to many different play styles.

What We Can Offer You
If you are wanting to get back into the game after an absence, but are turned off by elitist attitudes and limited support, look no further. Our leadership is dedicated and very skilled in all aspects of this game from end game raiding to PvP to achievement hunting.

We are looking anyone interested in raiding or PvP to bolster our ranks. Our core group is all 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. If you are looking to get into raiding but are turned off by elitist attitudes or gear and experience requirements, we can help get you into raiding shape without all the snobbery. Several of us are competitive PvPers as well and we have regular battlegrounds and arena teams running. However, instead of relying on trade chat to fill in a missing spot or two, we want a bigger umbrella so we can keep all our activities between guildies.

Our prime time is generally weeknights around 8:00pm EST, but we have random groups during the day and on the weekends. We have a fully stocked guild bank that helps with repairs, gems and enchants as well as a tabard. If you are looking for a fresh start or just a change of scenery check us out, you won't be disappointed. For more info cruise over the website: shipwrecked.enjin.com or look for Jerriy, Kemblee, or Muute in game.
Hit one of us up! we need more ppl! ranged/healers especially but any and all are welcome to test the waters whether you are lvling, pvp or end game pve.

send an in game mail if an officer is not on to try to set up a time for us to talk.

you can add me to realID if needed jaqua27@verizon.net

RBG: Starting back up soon! ~1730 Cata
PvE: missing a few ranged and healers
A friend and I might be transferring in the near future. We would be focussing primarily on PvP, how is that shaping up?
We have been mostly doing PvE, but there are some regular PvPers among us and are aiming to start a RBG team.
to continue on that topic we are shaping up a RBG team here in the coming weeks we are just missing a few pieces any questions hit me up in game any toon with HB in it is me
more for RBGs and to fill out raid spots !
i wil b teem incurager if u wunt

exemple: "go teem u can do it cap flag"if interested contakt: fallout_boy_fan874@aol.com

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bump for more new faces in the Shipwreck
looking for more people... healers and casters especially
Bump for epicness
what helix said
Myself and a few friends are looking for a guild, mostly casual while possibly joining in for a raid every now and then. Or doing BGs when people are interested. Nothing serious though, would that be acceptable?
Bump for awesomeness and stuff
Zeerah, certainly. Would love to have y'all on board. Get in touch with myself, or someone online and they can direct you to an officer.
What classes are you looking for and what days do you raid on?
Loli, we usually do things Tue-Thurs and Sunday at 8:30 server. We have an RBG team, clear DS and FL along with whatever comes along. At the moment, we are lacking healers and ranged dps, but all are welcome.
Hi, I just re-started playing. I'm building a frost mage and this guild sounds awesome. I play often and i'm interested in PvE, PvP, and raids at later levels. Can I join?

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