[A] Shipwrecked 6/6 MV 2/6 HoF

Bleeding Hollow
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nice turban you got there
Bump for 2 down.
Did I say 2? 4/6
Looking for 1 dedicated Monk, Druid, or Priest healer and 2 ranged dps, shadow priest and mage would be groovy, for the Sunday-Monday group.
Come on you know you wanna join. If you do you can touch my !@#$%.
come on !!@#$%! is a bad word it's my name. That's just not right.
Looking for more!
lol @ !@#$%!

Looking for more hit us up in game!
back into that HoF grind yo
!pmuB (that's Bump! backwards)
idk why the !@#$ it posted as Impdiddler
Transferring later today. Your guild sounds pretty cool so I will definitely give you guys a shout once everything is settled. I know you're not looking for warrior DPS so I understand if I'm not accepted. Thanks!
Find an officer in game and we will discuss the situation for sure
Need more to solidify raid teams
WTB 15 man raids FFS
more ranged and healers!
Any baller mistweavers on this server that are looking for a home hit us up
3/6* HOF

Still looking for a dedicated druid or monk healer and 2 ranged dps, mage/spriest would be nice, for Sun/Mon raid.

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