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Bleeding Hollow
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04/27/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Jerriy
Loli, we usually do things Tue-Thurs and Sunday at 8:30 server. We have an RBG team, clear DS and FL along with whatever comes along. At the moment, we are lacking healers and ranged dps, but all are welcome.

I'm gonna whisper you from my alliance mage when you log on.
All are welcome here we have a solid 10 man raid team and enough dps to make up a second 10 man team if we just get a few more healers we will be golden....

but if PvE isnt't your thing our RBG team hit 1732 after the second week of doing them.

Dont be afraid to hit one of us in game I will be on any toon with HB in it.
healers and casters needed all are welcome send a tell in game!
more people are needed on the shipwreck!
all the meatsawce
^^ we need more ppl like that guy wanna get into 25s here soon
I'm mostly PvP and new to this server as well as playing the Alliance. I am looking for a guild that pvp's together and I do have an OS (Combat 391) for PvE. Also a suggestion that could make this guild a bit better is encouraging World PvP. I will be interested as to what you guys think. Hit me up!
Hi Kamikazed, there is a lot of PvP going on in the guild in addition to RBGs. World PvP is something that is kind of difficult to organize, but I am interested in hearing any ideas you have. Look for Hb or myself in game.
Bamp for awesome guild!
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