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Bleeding Hollow
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I just xferred to this server after a long hiatus. Raided in a top 5 guild on Gorefiend during WotLK but the guild split up afterward sort of leaving me in a weird place. I really want to get back into raiding because LFR is just so !@#$ing easy it's not even fun and was planning on faction xferring anyway. I'd like to join once I do though if I can get into some raids.

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention that I pretty much quit at the beginning of cata so I've basically been running dungeons and LFR only. Not too experienced with normal or hard modes but I'd love to do them eventually.
Hi Chakrain, we would love to have you on board. Get in touch with Hb, Muute, Zaries or myself in game.
O.o i just started playing again since 2009 Transferred from chromaggus. Looking for a active guild on bleeding hollow,
Hi Bigdukeheals, we would love to have you on board. We are active and looking for more. Look for one of us in game.
hit one of us up in game!
Saturday Afternoon Bumpage
Nothing like the smell of dead horde in the morning. Don't you agree. Oh yeah. Bump.
Some great new recruits as of late. Let's get some more. Come on down!!!
Need more!!
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Yes I said it. It's summer and my !@#$% is a little swampy so what. I use freshballs to take a little of the stink away. Anyways. Good group of guys. WTF you waiting for come join us.
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