[A] Shipwrecked 6/6 MV 2/6 HoF

Bleeding Hollow
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Come jump in. The water is fine.
Where has all the rum gone?!
I'm just going to port this to the top with my Portal of Bump.
keep on pulling
more! less D3
I have nothing interesting to say
You usually don't have anything interesting to say.
That sir was hurtful
I have been playing this warrior for several months. I am interested in PVP and I can also do some PVE. This guild looks awesome. Can I join?
Sure thing. Hit up Jerriy, Hbee, Muute, or Zaries in game for more info. Also, I can kinda help with questions or g inv.

Yeah just hit up myself/Jerriy/Muute/Zaries in game or ask another player if an officer is on for a ginvite
Der Bump
Stupid world pvp drama.. ZZZzzz
Need more PvP drama!...and more people.
Im making Forum Friends

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