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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Openings: Defection, an Australian based Horde 25m raiding guild. We are currently recruiting a Enhance Shaman and a Hunter for core positions in our main Mythic raiding team.

Website: http://defection-guild.enjin.com/home

Guild Name: Defection
Faction: Horde
Realm: Merged Khaz’goroth / Dath'Remar (Oceanic)
Progression: 7/7HM, 2/7M (Highmaul) - 4/10 HM BRF

Raid Times: 8.00 - 11:00pm Server (Sydney Time)
Raid Schedule: Thur, Sun and Mon

Currently Recruiting:

2 x DPS (Enh Sammy and Hunter preferred, but we would consider an exceptional warrior or boomy) - This is to fill core positions in our main Mythic team (based on your ability of course). All classes will be considered, however priority will be given to Enh Shammy or Hunter applicants. Also applicants that can dual spec dps/heals are highly valued.

What we expect from you:
- Know your class/spec and be correctly gemmed/enchanted
- Know the HM and Mythic fights (research), and have some previous tier HM experience.
- Have decent gear, as we are recruiting for our progression team, we dont want to step back for several weeks while we gear you up.
- Be on time and ready to raid, and tell us if you wont be there for raid (everyone has a life after all!)
- Have fun, this game is what we do for fun, so enjoying yourself is paramount!

What to expect from us:
- All repairs and consumables supplied after a 4 week "trial" period
- A fair and equitable loot council style of loot
- Good leadership from a strong team that have been raiding together for 5+ years
- An active guild website and facebook page where strats and suggestions for bosses are discussed at length prior to raid nights
- An active, mature guild with a well respected name on the server
- A fun and relaxed raid team that knows when to concentrate and kill stuff, and when to horse about

Our current Mythic squad has a playing roster of 23 people, we are recruiting to replace 2 DPS who have stopped playing due to RL commitments, this will bring our total roster for Mythic raiding to 25 people (allows us to cover absences, class specific mechanics etc).

We are a mature guild with an excellent reputation on our server, many of us are RL friends and we have a few couples and a few female raiders in our team, therefore, we do not tolerate trolls or immature people, but we have a lot of fun, a few beers together and a few laughs while we make reasonable progression through current content. If you enjoy playing wow with other quality players who enjoy the social and raiding aspects of wow (and just maybe the odd beer or two), then I would encourage you to apply, if you are immature, elitist or just a plain old pain in the bum, then this is not the guild for you!

Please visit our website at - http://defection-guild.enjin.com/recruitment - and fill out an application, the website has been a bit wierd since the realms merged, so if you have any issues, contact me on real ID (Battletag is Bob#11581) or Krystle (Acaila#1342) for additional help.

A group of great people, Get in while the goings hot!
Updated classes/specs we are still recruiting.
Update - G2 are now 2/8 HM and should get H-Ultraxion to be 3/8 HM this week.
G2 still 2/8 HM, taking a bit of a break over easter, so just fun runs and some 25m combined raids, a good chance to get in and meet the guild and have some fun
Update - G1 now 4/8 HM.
Edited correct website /doh
G1 still recruiting a geared and experienced RDPS for G1 progression raiding. S-Priest or Mage preferred.
We're a good bunch, we shower most days and generally don't smell too bad! :P
Update - G1 are now 5/8 HM. I am still in search of a quality mage, lock or s-priest for G1. Our G1 progression raid team roster currently has 12 raiders for 10m raiding. My ideal number for G1 is 13 so that we have some redundancy when RL gets in the way and so that we can rotate people in and out for fights based on class/loot needs.
G1 have just lost out s-priest to ally (she wanted to play with some RL friends) - we are now LF a s-priest to raid full time with our progression raid team. G1 is 5/8 HM and starting on boat this week, a good bunch of ppl who enjoy raiding and playing wow.

I would also look at applications from exceptional mages or locks.

The guild is a mature guild with most of our main raid team between 22- 45 years of age, so altho I dont discriminate against younger people, i usually find they don't last long unless they are exceptionally mature.

Pst me in game on Nuphy, Backhoe, Obelyx, Vordann or Bobbisox for more info - application forms are on our webpage =P
Defection are looking to expand our raid roster in G1 and G2 as we head into MoP.

G1 are LF quality rdps.
G2 are LF 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 rdps (these positions are currently being filled by G1 alts)
Defection are still LF quality raiders to for both G1 and G2, either apply through the website or pst the GM (Bob) in game on Nuphy, Obelyx, Vordann or Backhoe.

We are after mature, reliable players who want to be part of the core raid teams as we complete current content and look to consolidate the raid teams for when MoP hits.

Currently recruiting a Tank (pref w/ dps o/s), 2 -3 rdps (any class) and a healer (pally or druid preferred). We are currently running a G1 raid on wed/sun which is our progression team (up to boat atm). Our G2 raid is made up of G2 raiders and 2 - 5 alts from G1, G2 raids are on Thurs and Mon. All raids are 7.30pm - 10.30pm ST (Sydney time).


Trialling a S-Priest this week, still LF a tank, 1 rdps and a healer for G2.

I am still recruiting a mage or s-priest for G1 to continue progression raiding (up to boat atm with the first 5/8 on farm).
G1 mage position filled, still LF a geared and experienced s-priest.

Still LF tank, healer (non-priest) and rdps for G2
G1 is now full, only exceptional s-priest applicants would be considered.

In the next 2 weeks I am actively looking to recruit for G2, we are looking for 3 rdps to be part of the core group of raiders for this team. G2 is a strong raid team who have done 2/8 HM, 4 of the group have done 4 or 5 HM bosses, so whilst this is our G2 raid team, it it still quite a strong team in its own right.
The D3 curse strikes again - G1 is now looking for 1 x RDPS - pref shammy or s-priest, but would consider anything except mage/lock. We could also shuffle some ppl/roles to accept a healer with dps o/s.

G2 is currently running mostly as an alt run with 4 or 5 regular G2 players, so applications for G2 are still being considered.
G1 Filled

G2 recruiting 1 - 2 RDPS
Defection have re-commenced recruiting to move from two 10m raid teams in Cata (G1 8/8 HM and G2 6/8 HM) to 25m raiding in MoP.

We are currently recruiting quality dps and healers to form the core of our 25m raid team in MoP.
Update - Defection are specifically recruiting the following classes for our expansion into 25m raiding in MoP.

Shammy - Ele, Enh and Resto (1 of each)
Kitty or Rogue
Holy Pally

Applications from all other classes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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