(H) Defection 2/10HM LF Enh Shammy & Hunter

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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ill apply have been resto for my guild for ds but prefer boomy much better which im more comfortable with.
Update - Ele and Resto shammy positions now filled.

Still recruiting Ele Sha, Lock, Boomy, Holy Pally, Mage, Hunter and 1 or 2 mdps (rogue, kitty or pally)
Updated positions still vacant

Ele Sham - Lock - Boomy - Holy Pally - Mage - Hunter - 1 leather mdps
Update - Some really good recruiting has seen us almost fill the raid classes we are after for MoP. Positions are still available for a Warlock and a Leather mdps (Monk or Kitty preferred)

Exceptional applicants for other classes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Update - Defection are no longer actively recruiting, however, truly exceptional candidates of any class will be considered on a case by case basis.

Every xpac there is a lot of movement of ppl both into and out of guilds, so we are not closing recruitment as loyal, dedicated, good quality players are always welcome.
Update - Defection have re-opened recruitment to fill the last few positions in our 25m raid roster, openings currently available for:
Ele and Resto Shammies
Holy or Disc Priest
Updated raid info to reflect our decision to go back to 10m raiding so that we arent carrying 4 or 5 ppl in 25m.... Now recruiting core positions for both 10m teams
Its all 10m for Defection now, the 25m experiment didnt go so well..... Recruiting core players for both our 10m teams.
Still recruiting quality players that are looking for a mature, fun guild of like-minded players.
Still looking to recruit some quality RDPS players, heals offspec preferred, but not essential.
Now also recruiting a healer (Pally, Monk or Druid preferred) due to one of the guys not being able to raid due to getting a new job, I thought none of us had real lives?
Still looking to recruit quality players for both 10m raid teams
Still recruiting a quality healer (pref pally or druid) for a core position in our 2nd 10m team (currently 6/6 MV)
Still looking to recruit quality players, we are about to take a 2 week break over xmas, so this week would be perfect to get some trial people into one of our raid teams.

Still seeking 1-2 quality RDPS (no more mages pls) - a healer (pally, monk, druid) and a tank with excellent dps o/s (due to the number of solo-tankable fights).

Still looking for a core healer for our 2nd 10m team (6/6 MV) - Pally, Druid or Monk.

Also recruiting 2 RDPS:
One for our main team (1/6HM MV - 3/6 HoF) - Boomy preferred; and
One for our 2nd team (Boomy, Shammy preferred).
Defection are taking a break from "official" raiding over the Christmas break, normal raiding will recommence on Wed 9 Jan, with an optional raid week commencing Wed 2 Jan.

The forums and recruitment will still be monitored over the Christmas break, so applications will still be assessed and approved during this time.
Christmas Eve bump ftw!

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