The Oracles

need help, im doin my chain quest to get revered at the oracles. but all of a sudden now im hated by the oracles. how can i get my reputation back from the oracles.
Keep going until you finish.
so its fine for now even im hated by the oracles? coz im tryin to get the green drake.
The quest chain is working as intended. You start out as being Friendly with the Frenzyheart and Hated with the Oracles. Eventually, there will be a quest which switches the reputations around so that you're Friendly with the Oracles and Hated with the Frenzyheart.

At the end of the chain, you will get a quest called "A Hero's Burden" where you have to kill a lich. Firstly, it's important that you don't kill that lich too quickly. At a certain point in that fight, an Oracle and a Frenzyheart will fight alongside the lich. If you want to gain rep with the Oracles, you will have to kill the wolvar without touching the gorlock, and then finish off the lich. If you kill the lich too quickly, the two other NPC's won't activate and you'll need to wait for him to respawn. After that fight, you can pick up a quest from the survivor which will allow you to officially choose which faction you'll be in good standing with.
Gonna bring this one back, I've done every quest I can find, even got an achievement for doing all the quests for Hemet Nesingwary "The Snows of Northrend" but I have found nothing for the Oracles, It started off similar to the OP, but I did one quest for the Frenzyhearts and that was it... I'm at a loss, I just want my green proto drake :(

EDIT: Nevermind, turns out i didn't notice the item he gave me in my bags.

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