Blackberry 9810 not supported for mobile auth

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After talking to customer service, it was confirmed that the Blackberry 9810 is not supported. I have had this phone for quite a bit now, so I am surprised that it is taking so long to get this model supported. =(

Is there any chance to see in the coming weeks this model be supported for the mobile authenticator. I REAALLLY want to get an authenticator before D3 ships, with the use of RMAH and the attachment to real money... this added level of security is a must for me.

Any intention (whether none or some) of having this model to be supported? and an approximate ETA?
Any word?
I'd like to re-itterate, I was told to post here BY customer service to get more information. It's been 4 days now, and would love some sort of update. I want to get an authenticator, but I don't want to pay $10.00 in shipping costs for a $7.50 item.
Unfortunately we discontinued further support of the J2ME platform.

I think the problem here is that the Torch 9810 is too NEW, not too OLD. Specifically, App World won't serve the app to devices running BlackBerry OS 7, and maybe not 6 either.
You would need to contact Blackberry's customer support department with this concern. We do not assist in the distribution or support of the java-based applications.

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