Super Cereal Achievement Hunters

Hello everyone, and thank you for clicking on my thread.

I am putting together a group of 10+ people to go through older achievements, such as ICC, Ulduar, Naxxramas, and other raids for achievements. I am also trying to design the group to be able to run BWD / BoT / Tot4W Hardmodes, as well as Firelands Normal Achievements + Hardmodes. If the group is designed well enough and all players are playing to full potential, then we could possibly tackle Dragon Soul Normal Achievements as well as Dragon Soul Hardmodes. Mounts, Achievement Points, And Epic Phat Lewt.

I am not recruiting for a guild, I care very little for what tag you wear on your character. If you can pull at least 20k DPS self-buffed only, without Heroism / Time Warp / Ancient Hysteria, over a 6 minute period on a Raider's Target Dummy without a spec with extremely inflated numbers on bosses that take extreme amounts of damage above 90% (I'm looking at you Marksman Hunters), then please send Ambassador an In-Game mail.

I am also looking for healers and tanks. So far in our group we have very high DPS, and possibly a Tank + Healer, but we need much more to progress through some of the harder achievements and current content.

I am not looking for uber-geared players. Gear can be obtained easily, skill takes much longer to stack up than stats. Please be raid-aware and focused on the task at hand. You must have Ventrilo, a working Microphone may be required in time.

You must be willing to improve if improvements do indeed need to be made. I am very willing to aid players who are lacking in certain departments as much as I can with any information I can provide, but I do not want to waste most of the raid's time because One or Two raid members are not pulling their weight or do not know how to play their class. Be prepared before coming to the raid.

Yes, older achievements are easy, It just takes a little bit of team-building and team-work to get an old drake, but if the group desires to do current content and achievements, then there are minimum requirements that must be met.

Also, Please be fully Gemmed / Enchanted, and Reforged properly. (Key Word: Properly. Please do not gem Intellect as a Death Knight because you're Frost / Unholy and you have spell damage.)

Raid Times will most likely be starting at 4:30 - 5:00 PM Server Time every Sunday as soon as the group is full and ready to go.

Thank you all for reading. I understand that not everyone reads the forums, so if you can't make the raid times, or you're not interested, please pass along this information to those who may be interested.

Have a wonderful Day / Night / Morning -

- Ambassador Ambassador
Can I be drunk?
03/26/2012 02:44 AMPosted by Keye
Can I be drunk?

Being drunk just makes it better.
03/26/2012 04:29 AMPosted by Guenhyvarr

When's he releasing the single?
03/27/2012 03:45 AMPosted by Keye

When's he releasing the single?
Can I sign up for the club?

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