skilled hunter LF a guild that runs HM DS

ilvl 395 survival hunter. ive done 8/8 NM and 1/8 HM. hope to find a pve guild that runs DS every week.
We are looking for experienced DPS for our core 25M Raid group and getting ready for upcoming MOP. We will be expanding to 25M and we're looking for players to join our ranks.

Able to give at least 100% Raid attendance Tues-Fri
Have a stable connection
Able to Focus come raiding time
Show up to the raids on time
Note: (Skilled and Geared for your MS/OS)
Able to take constructive criticism and learn from your mistakes

We currently raid:
Tuesday 7-11pm CST (8-12 EST)
Wednesday 7:25-11pm CST
Thursday 7:25-11pm CST
Friday 7-11PM CST

Weekends: Alt runs, RBG, Arena and World PVP

Raid Progression:
Dragon Soul Total: 2/8 (Heroic)
Firelands Total: 2/7 (Heroic)
Blackwing Descent Total: 6/6
Bastion of Twilight Total: 4/4
Throne of the Four Winds Total: 2/2

our Website:
Real ID
Send tell in-game: Jumbee, Arcånia, Gobmir
raid Sat 2st. In game mail me, shroommaker, delicate, or satisfaction if intrested.

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