[H] T11/T12 Heroic/Meta Achiv Runs CrossRealm

Hey guys, are you sick of having unfinished Glory of the raider achivements? Or always wanted that weird purple glowing transmog? Looking for people that have experienced the T11/T12 raids and have downed a reasonabe amount of H DS (for the sake of knowing how capable you are if you don't know fights); if you have met these requirements, I will be hosting every Thursday 5pm AEST, the T11/T12 raids in heroic. We will first start off with H BWD onto H BoT and H TotFW not only downing all heroic content but doing the meta achievements required for glory of the cata raider, if we cannot down the heroic version + get the achievement on the same time, we can simply run it the following week and move onto Fireland, the first firelands run will be dedicated to aquiring all the "hard" achievements for the drake which is kneel to the flame and so forth and final week will end with the clearing of 6/7 H FL. If the group runs very well and if people have no real raid comitments, we may even run some od the DS meta achivements.

Please either post you're real ID here with your raid exp, or pst me in-game or in-game mail. Thanks!

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