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Located on Alliance- US-Korgath, We are creating a 25 man Hardcore Raiding guild with a focus on Progressions Raiding in Mists of Pandaria, while getting a foot hold in Dragon Soul.

Currently 1/8H and working on Ultraxion this week.

Please do not apply if you do not LOVE to raid.
Please apply at: www.wekillbosses.guildlaunch.com

Raid Schedule:
Mon-Thur: 12:00am-3:00am CST(server time)

Loot is done by loot council based on attendance, quality of play, and benefit to the raid. Want to talk?
We're available on vent any day of the week. Let us know if you want to chat.

You can contact us online at Korgath on the follow characters:
- Amascus
- Infusedomen
- Hotwirê(Alt 0234)
- Bamadogg
- Hêavymetal
(or ask for any officer)

Being a core raider in We Kill Bosses entitles you to free guild repairs, flasks, potions, food, enchants, and gems. Upon the release of a new content patch we will also put forth the gold to gear our raiders up with BoEs to help progression.

WKB website: www.wekillbosses.guildlaunch.com
LF healers
You are 378 Equiped...in some 359 gear, no achvs at all, and you think you can do a 25man HM progression run? If you can more power to you....but for those looking for guilds(like myself), what do you have to offer other then being carried? I am being serious...especially for those looking for guilds, what would persuade them to join something like this?

I'm not even seeing a normal FL clear, on you or others listed in your post. Not even a Rag kill.
Well as for me i took a break during FL...we are forming this with the idea with 25 HM progression in MOP...but trying to get this going now in Dragon Soul...No we are not going to start out right away in 25 HM in DS..but are working to that...you have to start somewhere and the 25 HM progression is our end goal.
Good Luck!
do the bumpty bump
As of last week we are currently 8/8 and will be working on heroics this week :-)
Way to go!
8/8 nm and 1/8 hardmode . We need Healers. Moving to 25 asap going to try for 4/8 hm this week.
do the bumpty bump
Still looking to fill spots in our core 25 group

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