Warlock popularity number crunching

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To sum it up pretty much

In pve while we do competitive dps our rotations for 2 of 3 specs are overly complicated and losing to someone that spams 1-3 buttons is no fun

In pvp we lack survivability and really only shine with a pocket healer or in rbgs as dispel protections which means we have 1 spec for pvp with the other 2 being too prone to dispel and lacking damage.
To be honest, there wasn't a bait and switch.
I profited big time tonight from our scarcity.

Really though, it's such a fun class, my only guess is that the complexity scares them. If DoT damage is your thing you can have a blast with the twitchy Fire Mage which is infinitely less complex than a Warlock.
Look, Im not disagreeing with you that Blizzard made it seem like Warlocks were going to tank, from the glyph to the talents, it screamed tank.

However, bait and switch is saying your going to get one thing, then not delivering it in the final product. Like, if beta had warlock tanking up until the very end of it, then a week later the game released and there was no tank spec for warlocks, you could argue bait and switch.
A tad. It's part of my non-existent charm
Great read, can't wait for the 3rd installment. Thanks for linking it... it's neat to see it as kind of a post-mortem of my final years in WoW.
I have this guy, and I also have a level 30 that I am leveling on a friends server.

From starting to level again, it is way harder to level a lock then another class. I have an 85 pally, 85 Priest, 83 Druid, 67 Shaman, 44Rogue, 42 Warrior, and 33 Mage, 78 DK.

So I have not leveled everything but understand each class.

Having to work twice as hard without any benefit is really frustrating! I thought I would be able to multi-dot and run around and kill stuff and level fast but it just isnt the case. UA is a cast time so either you have to tab and BOA, Corr everything twice for it to die all the while keeping curse of of exhaustion up or you just go through mobs one or two at a time.

I can one or two shot things on my mage, I can control mobs with my rogue, I can rough them up on my warrior. My paladin was fun I would round everything up as Prot and just aoe stuff down. My priest I could go shadow, multi-dot or two to three shot everything. Locks are just not fun to level. My pets dont do much for me as I am leveling and add a complexity that is hard to learn.

Until leveling is easier and rewarding, they will level other toons. Yes people have liked the FOTM talk about MOP locks but Blizz just never delivers on some of the stuff that actually would make a difference and Blizz listens to its player base too much in the case of those classes that have more people to complain. Blizz has turned into a cash cow where all they care about is the almighty dollar.
I am always annoyed by people saying we do 'competitive pve dps' as if all is right with the world and there are no functionality or quality of life issues to be addressed. We do middle of the pack dps IF we have the legendary vs non casters in easier to get current tier gear. Are we viable? Certainly. But competitive suggests commonly occurring situations in which we have a relatively equal chance of topping the meters on a level playing field. There are very few of those situations this tier and significant instances of complete non-viability (I'm looking at you H spine).

The awesome complexity that attracts most of us to this class is a liability in a world where we aren't rewarded for it. Instead of a higher top end that gets dropped into acceptable range if fight mechanics are disruptive (read interesting), we have an acceptable top end that drops into 'who let that lock in here?' range. And to top it off, we still suffer the traditional weaknesses of ramp up and target switching that we paid for our top end dps. This is really a result of the Bring the Player model not recognizing that there was more than one reason for disparities in dps in the previous models.
I'll be adding to the numbers eventually :D This is my second to last class to 85 just because I think the entire theme of the class is stupid and unappealing. That's just a personal preference. I don't like the idea of being a warlock and I don't like the idea of being a death knight. Simple as that. Has nothing to do with class mechanics, or anything like that. For the same reason, I LOVE paladins. I loved paladins even when they were worthless outside of healing. Guess what, they were extremely popular then and still are. There's more to why people play certain classes than how the class works.

Interesting though how paladin numbers have dropped so much according to that guy. I hadn't noticed fewer paladins, but If that information is to be believed, I would guess in that case I guess some people must really dislike holy power. I honestly can't think of any real significant reason though for paladins to drop 2%

So what I can take from this is that the more interesting question is, where have all the Paladins gone?
One thing I have definitely noticed, and I've been a warlock since a couple of months past vanilla's release, since the release of RDF there has been a lot more social pressure against warlocks. Dungeon groups move too fast for DoT spells/effects to ramp up, this affects warlocks more than any other group since almost all of our damage comes from DoTs.

I have noticed that when we get to a boss fight, people shut up about my damage.

But it doesn't change the social pressure an individual feels when they're being told that warlocks are bad because they're not doing enough damage. This is especially noticeable during boss fights or phases that are a DPS race. I primarily play an Affliction Warlock. I like them because they perform a consistent and constant level of damage. But in fights that you need high bursts of damage, they feel really weak.
In order for this game to be a little bit balanced, Blizzard should consider nerfing the three top classes that every other class is having a problem with, or make them as complicated as warlocks are, then we might see change.

The classes that need a nerf or a little complication are Mages, Hunters and Rogues because almost everyone has a problem when it comes to defeating those 3 classes.

I've been in a lot of BGs were mages would laugh and call other teammates noobs because He/She are first in 'Most damage dealt' list. This kind of thing pisses me off because all mages need to do is press 2 or 3 buttons to deal insane damage while other classes click multiple buttons yet can't deal the same amount of damage and STILL get laughed at (by most mages). About 3 days ago during a Eye of the Storm battleground, A mage laughed at a warlock and called him a noob because he did not deal the same amount of damage as the mage, but luckily half of the people in that battleground sided with the warlock and we lost the bg because of that mage.

This class has so many instant spells/abilities that deal a lot of damage that most healers can't outheal. Hunters are the easiest class to play as and they deal insane damage with just 5 buttons, Hence why they are called Huntards. I've seen so many hunters take on 3 people at once. I don't think hunters should last that long since they are a pure dps class. Not even hybrid classes can survive that.

Frost Nova breaks when someone attacks the frozen target and Fear ends when someone attacks the feared target, Why does this class have the ability to attack you while you are stunned? Rogue stuns last a long time and the damage they do while your stunned is insane, They can stun you multiple times and silence you making you completely vulnerable to them. Speaking of BGs once more, i've seen a lot of people just stop moving when being attacked by a rogue, they just give up and allow the rogue to kill them because the abilities that this class has is just incredibly op.

These classes are so obnoxious, They ruin the fun for everyone and i really hope blizzard nerf these classes so the rest can have some fun. Whenever i join a battleground, i always find a rogue, hunter or mage in there with me as well.
Am I the only one that gets creepy hipster vibes from the people saying they like playing the oddball rare class?
But if it does stay that way that means the development team will have less incentive to work on our class. The more people play a class the more incentive they have to make sure it is fixed, working, fun, etc...

So it would be better for us and our "warlock health" if more people played us.

This is an excellent point.

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