[A] <Doom Pandas> Lvl25 4/6 LF Active Players

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Current Progression: 4/6N
The Stone Guard: 10/10/12
Feng: 10/11/12
Gara'jal: 10/17/12
Spirit Kings: 10/18/12

Current News:

Can't raid? Check out our Overachiever Program! Details at

We're offering special perks for Rerollers. Details at http://doompandas.enjin.com/forum/m/2878868/viewthread/4338806-reroller-perks

Current Raid Team Needs:
-Resto druid or shaman

-We welcome all applicants regardless of posted needs-

Guild Info:
Age Requirements: 18+ Up
Level 25
High Activity Hours: 4-11pm EST
Main Raid Schedule: Tue-Thur 7-10pm EST
Alt Raid Schedule: Sun 7-10pm EST
Scenario and Challenge Modes (MoP): Daily 4-7pm EST

Are you a former raider who just can't find the time to dedicate to full-time progression anymore? Or perhaps you're just returning to the game after an absence and looking for a fresh start for Mists of Pandaria? Maybe you prefer to spend your in-game time with mature, knowledgeable and friendly players rather than...the 'other' types of players? Are you tired of being seen as nothing but a Gearscore number? Looking to re-roll?

If any of these situations sound like you, please read on.

<Doom Pandas> is an alliance guild located on the Stormrage realm (EST). We are a multiformat guild that enjoys all aspects of the game. Our goal is to create a fun, social environment for mature players to enjoy while they pursue their favorite activities in Azeroth. While we will provide serious raiding opportunities, we realize that social connections are what keep people engaged. The other side of that coin is that, while we hold our social atmosphere as the most important aspect of our guild, we will not allow players to waste what precious time we have in raids by being unfocused or unprepared.

What We Offer:

-Social/Leveling/Achievements: We believe our social members are a valuable part of our guild and regularly recruit non-raiders, newer (but mature) players and altoholics into our ranks. If you're generally a good person, we WANT you in our guild, regardless of your ability to dedicate time to raiding.

-PVP: Players interested in PVP, will find a variety of scheduled and spur-of-the-moment activities, such as rated battleground teams, guild-sponsored arena teams, and organized opposing faction attacks.

-Raiding: We will be running at least one progression-oriented raid team (10 or 25man) in Mists of Pandaria. We will have a set 'back to raiding' deadline where raiders will be expected to be geared and ready to jump into the new content. We will also be running more relaxed 10man alt teams in our downtime.

-New MoP Content: Mists of Pandaria will see the launch of several new systems that we'll be participating in, such as Scenarios, Challenges and Pet Battles. Stay tuned!

Raid Schedule:

-Main Raid Team: Tue-Thur 7-10pm EST
-Alt/Non-Progression/Non-Raiding Activities: Sun 7-10pm EST
**Due to the nature of progression raiding, we require all of our raiders to be available for an additional evening raid and to maintain 100% attendance during progression.

Raid Philosophy:

We believe in individual accountability in a supportive and problem-solving environment. We will point out mistakes and give you the information you need to improve, but raids will never be allowed to devolve to ridicule or finger pointing. Our goal is to create raid teams that function at the highest level of competence and if you choose to raid, you absolutely MUST be committed to investing the necessary time and effort needed to play your chosen class at a serious level.


-Website: http://doompandas.enjin.com

-Social, Non-Raiding Applicants should register on our website and whisper Asterae in-game for an invite.

-ALL Raiders will need to fill out an application and be interviewed in Vent.
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