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3/27/2012 -- Tuesday
8:00PM - 12:00PM EST

finally, a way to learn some cool and useful tactics from a world 1000th guild.
Troll quality has degraded. Inflating WoW Progress rankings is fun.
If you only knew how much fun this server was when it wasn't dead.
(2 expansions ago)
Lawl@ the haters.

And to clear up the world 1000 comment, overall we are world #308, us#59. However most ppl separate 25 man and 10 man ranks and for that we are world#128, us#38.

So next time u try to troll atleast intelligently troll and get ur facts straight.
Tyranny didn't let me in so I'm going to call them bad out of spite.

So next time u try to troll atleast intelligently troll and get ur facts straight.


So next time u try to troll atleast intelligently troll and get ur facts straight.


I don't even
wat do?
03/27/2012 02:28 PMPosted by Blastoiseboy
pretty sure if i wanted to watch someone backpedal i'd go follow bamf or skroesec around.

Hello to you too, Maijinbuu.

Don't get why people still think they can hide on alts.
This thread is serious.
03/28/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Maijinbuu
pretty sure im not blastoiseboy, if i wanted to insult you i'd do it on my warlock because its pretty obvious i'm like 10 times better than you are this game. but nt idiot.

Hello there Blastoiseboy and Spunkygirlxo.
Trolls gettin' owned by Firefox addons. Win.
If you ignore a person, it will ignore their whole account. That's a easy way to figure out trolls.
So two of you play on one account?
SHAME on me for not knowing that. How "mongoloid"ish of me.

Don't know why you feel the need to continue insulting me completely unprovoked, after months and months. Maybe you feel threatened (what?) somehow, or maybe you actually are as immature is you make yourself out to be. Regardless, you probably should stop. Attempting (and I do mean, "attempting", for your insults are laughable at best) to insult me will not do anything to make people on this server like you (I would say "more", but that kind of requires people liking you in the first place). No one on this server likes you. No one on this server enjoys your company or your presence. You are a stain on this server's already fragile reputation.

EDIT: If you want a hint as to why people don't like you, take a loot at the content of your post history. Now take a look at the content of mine.

Upon observation, the essence of these posts is also the way we both conduct ourselves in-game. There's you: damned near every post is you insulting, deriding, or degrading people, most of whom don't deserve it. You offer no help. You boast, just for the sake of doing so. You're nasty, you're malicious, and just not a very likable person in general.

Comparatively, there's me. I'm incredibly active in my areas of expertise. I offer plenty of help to those who need it. When I post an "insult", it's almost never serious (e.g., calling my warrior buddies "nerds"), unless it's an incredibly obvious troll, or a thick-headed person who ignores all reason. I'm a well-respected member, poster, and theorycrafter in the Warrior community, and, to a lesser extent, other forums such as Dungeons & Raids. I don't boast out of the blue, or out of context.
03/28/2012 09:02 PMPosted by Maijinbuu

Hello there Blastoiseboy and Spunkygirlxo.
we share a battlenet account you fking mongoloid, blastoiseboy is the shaman i played with last season.. holy !@#$ you're mentally retarded. blastoiseboy and spunkygirl are not on this account, this is a different account under the same bnet.. honestly why would i post on that shaman? give me one valid reason.. you act like i'm afraid to call you bad or something on my warlock when i do it everyday.


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