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How is Dreadmaul PVP and PVE-wise? And whats the ratio of horde and alliance?
I'm not to sure about the Pve on Dreadmaul and i wouldn't know the exact ration for horde to alliance but I know there are alot more horde, My pvp guild has just moved to dreadmaul from Aman'thul because i had heard the pvp there has gone downhill and we are trying to get it going again.
PvE died. There is I think 1 guild left on alliance that does 25s (Arashi) and they are SG.
You get a few ten man guilds but all the big 25mans like Adept, Now in Stereo, Remnants etc are either moved or gone.

My alts are still on there and horde is dead as dust, cant speak much for alliance.
Remnants is pretty much reformed into marshmallow
Cruelty is currently the top guild with the rest falling far behind
Dreadmaul is essentially dead. I transferred from Dreadmaul to Barth, and was surprised at the amount of people around the home cities.
Even when dreadmaul had the big guild the pogression in pve was terrible unless u were in the big guilds. Pugging was useless. pretty sure dreadmaul cotains a higher than normal concentration of bads.
yeah just resubbed, bailed before cataclysm and there's really nothing going on here at all. there's less than a raid group worth of 85s currently online. pretty tragic.
Its pretty quiet, but if you get into a decent guild its not to bad, you still get to raid every week and all the jazz every other guild does. As for 25-man guilds recently Mann Co. has started doing them again, but most other guilds are just 10-man. As for PvP it could be abit better but nothing really to complain about. My guild isnt that old but we are doing fine so far.
I got 3 85s on horde side, as far as i know the ratio is 60:40 horde/Alliance but Alliance always control TB. For PVE, we don't have big guild for raid anymore since Adept left while ago. My guild got over 500 members but many time there is only me online. I think it is the same in many realms Blizz have killed guild when they put the same level of loot on 10/25 mans and buried the guild completely with LFR. During Wrath it was fun here I ran 25 raid with my guild on my main and pugged 25 raid on my alts but no more. I think guild is not important anymore maybe only for guild perks but not for social and relationship among players. But this is only my opinion.

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