iLvl 399 SV hunter LF 3/8 H DS Guild

LF a spot to progress in a guild and be part of a core raid group in Heroic DS. I know the first 4 heroic boss fights from experience. I read up on the other 4 bosses and have the strategies down. I have Destroyer's End title and have been raiding since vanilla. I'm on time and show up for raids, also prepared. I know how to bring the dps/dmg playing my class. I live and breath WoW, save me from horrible pug groups or half @$$ guild runs. Also LF dedicated RBG group i'm sitting at 1700 rating. Ive achieved FM title from vanilla. Thanks

-Love your veteran raider/ PvP Junkie
Totalillness <3
Breathe WoW? Sounds... slightly disturbing
i run around in RL with an alliance battle standard. so yea BREATHE WOW. lol
hey totalillness add me to facebook !@#$, this is wrecka

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