Finally some love for paladin tier gear

first and foremost, i want to say that i (and many who play the game) appreciate the art department's attempts to make interesting and cool looking gear for all the classes in the game, and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but honestly, aside from an almost decent attempt at tier 13 (the helm looked really stupid, but the shoulders looked pretty awesome, the rest of the set was 'meh') all the other sets of pally tier gear for cataclysm was pretty retarded looking and didn't really have much to do with paladins. tier 11 didn't look like anything any self respecting paladin would be waiting for a rez defending the world in (it seriously looked like a paladin covered themselves in glue and rolled around in kitty litter). tier 12 looked like we were scarecrows on fire (they could have done much better with the fire theme honestly).

but tier 14 looks truly amazing and is arguably the best looking armor set we have seen since tier 10 ( or 8 or even 6th depending on your tastes). and our challenge gear looks remarkable, and i would just like to say that its nice to see us get love and that the paladin community appreciates the attention. (yes its true, paladins mostly get good looking gear on the 2's).

also on a side note, i have an amusing theory on what happened between the armor artist between Cata and MOP if you care to read (and i don't care if it was the same team or not, this i show i imagine it): the new art leader walks into the studio wielding a sword challenging the Cata art leader, which he promptly pulls out his sword. after an epic climatic battle, the new lead slays the old by cutting off his head. and in highlander style effects, the new lead absorbs the old lead and uses his experience and the just finished battle as inspiration to make these new sets of paladin gear...and patiently prepares both for upcoming patches, and the next lead to attempt absorb him.
I liked T12 and T13.
T14 looks STUPID... I am really glad I have a full set of Season 11 PVP gear to Mog over top of it

And who are paladins to whine about gear. Judgement=AWESOME, T6= Awesome, All of Wrath gear= Awesome after naxx. Most of Cata Gear looked great too.

Paladins are arguably one of the classes that has done the very best in this respect for most of the game's history... Yeah they had some lame t5 and naxx gear but Judgement is widely seen as one of the very best we have ever seen in the game..
yes, judgement is the probably one of the best armor sets in the game, and we have had a couple other good sets (usually in the even numbers) but paladins have also had some really bad looking gear; tier 1 banana suite, tier 3 and the rehash tier 7 we looked like retarded gundams, tier 9 looked just like the dk's gears and most of our pvp gear has been pretty boring or stupid with exception to this expansion.
You want to talk about a stupid set t9 was fail across the board nobody had good looking sets so that one is not on the table to discuss lol
t14 helm is lame imo
03/30/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Ahndariel
You want to talk about a stupid set t9 was fail across the board nobody had good looking sets so that one is not on the table to discuss lol

alliance paladin, and horde cloth T9 are the only good looking sets. The color variations for the alliance plate do not do the classes justice and the overall design only "fits" the paladin.

yes the T9 plate was stupid because it is impossible to attempt to make 3 class sets from one armor piece, but the T9 alliance paladin set is not THAT stupid.
Thundercats HOOOOOO!
Honestly I hate the T14 set. It looks like they threw T9 and the 4.3 dungeon set together and changed the dragons to cats, and if that wasn't bad enough, it really looks nothing like a paladin set. If you were to look at it without being told what it was, you'd think it was a poorly designed warrior set, or even a dungeon plate set.

On the bright side, the challenge mode transmog set looks amazing and there's always the T13 PvP set which was awesome as well.
03/30/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Ahndariel
You want to talk about a stupid set t9 was fail across the board nobody had good looking sets so that one is not on the table to discuss lol

To be fair, I actually liked T9. The Red and Gold haze was pretty cool for Blood Elves, even if they had to share the model with cruddy Warriors and DKs.

With T14, a lot of the complaints I hear from haters is that it doesn't "look" Paladin-y, and while I'm slightly inclined to agree, keep in mind those shoulders are supposed to represent a divine beast representing righteousness...which is exactly what Paladins are (or should be, imo. Divine Beasts, I mean. :3)
There are two shift keys on a keyboard OP, please learn to use them. Do not start sentences with the word "but".

Armor sets are all personal preference and always will be. There are far too many people playing this game to ever please all of them or even a significant majority most of the time. If you don't like it, mog over it, that's what it's there for.
Even though Transmog is a second rate system and Rift's Wardrobe is vastly superior in every way i guess u have to take what you can get here and not really expect a lot of innovation on things for making quality of life changes easier, but I like to be able to have a couple looks available and flip flop them around
I do agree they did not do as well with gear in this expansion. I really did like tier 12 as far as holy but for a smash you spec it seemed like you were wearing cloth.
The gear sets are hit and miss in regards to looks.... theres some I really love and others that dont appeal to me at all....but what I like may not be what someone else likes.... I really love the Mogging feature in the game now, if you hate the way a new tier set looks just mogg it to make it look how you want..... I agree though the beginning of Cata, the Tier gear did not appeal to me at all... Firelands got better but still pretty Meh... The DS tier looks pretty cool minus the oversized helmet and the current PvP gear looks pretty awsome too.... no idea what the next tier is gonna look like.
T11 looks awesome on Draenei, with the exception of the helmet.

The Turalyon set was awesome as well, wish people still did ToC so I could get the boots.
As your resident tier 9 set enthusiast, I resemble these remarks and take exception!

Personally I love the new tier 14 set, and it will be the one and only thing that gets me to dust of my blood elf pally to raid with in mop. That red set + sunreaver tabard + blood elf male = must have. Ill collect the black lfr set for my human also, tho t9 remains my favorite.
I liked the 7.5 Tier.. -_- I liked the white T8 (i only have red 8.5 now :(, 9 was well .. T9 was kinda meh across the board wasn't it..

10 was decent, but i kinda wish the facemask would flip up and down :D (i think everyone wanted that too)
My opinion of the paladin tiers: T12>T8>T2>T14>T6>T11>T10>T1>T5>T9>T4>T7=T3
Some people like T10 and T5 but I can't get into them at all. T1 looks better in its red form
For me, it just feels as though they either get it completely right or completely FUBAR it. There is no middle ground for paladins.
I think Paladins have the most Great looking Tier sets in game.

t1: not too great, but I can't think of one t1 set i like.
t2: everybody loves judgement.
t3: never really got a good look at the original colors, but I'm not a fan of the t7.
t4: beautiful, one of my favorite sets.
t5: PURPLE PALLYRANGER. one of my faves just because of how silly it looks.
t6: Favorite tier set, hands down.
t7: refer to t3.
t8: probably least favorite paladin set in game.
t9: no comment considering t9 was trash all around.
t10: another amazing set.
t11: the white set looks nice, not the same for the baby blue though.
t12: i HATE the top part of the chest, but I love the dress part.
t13: another absolutely beautiful set.

just my 2c.

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