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Yesterday’s 100,000 Annual Pass-holder beta-test invites ran through the night, and we’re still in the process of notifying the invitees by email. Those selected for yesterday’s wave of invites should all have the Mists of Pandaria beta client available for download through Battle.net account management, and they should all receive the email notification by end of day today. If the beta client shows up for you in Battle.net account management, you don’t need to wait for the email in order to download the client and begin testing.

We’re off to a solid start with the beta test, and things are looking good in terms of realm stability, so we’re ready to invite another wave of Annual Pass holders. A second wave of invites is going out to 100,000 more Annual Pass holders today, starting right now.

If you’re added in this or any subsequent wave, access to the beta client will show up in Battle.net account management as discussed above. Please check there today and tomorrow, as today’s wave of invites will be processing throughout the day and likely into early tomorrow morning. Notification emails will also be going out, but again, no need to wait for the email if the beta client is available to you through Battle.net account management.
i want mine!
sweet, another chance!

Hope that some people have a good outlook on the Beta and find lots of bugs and glitches! :)
So if I don't have it on my beta on my account summary I'm not gonna get invited ;(
1 Million invites before Tues. Watch!
03/30/2012 03:28 PMPosted by Guitarman
So if I don't have it on my beta on my account summary I'm not gonna get invited ;(
your not in quite yet, keep checking they just started on the next wave good luck!
I've never been happier to read blue posts.
We <3 you Bashiok!
Yay, I just hope im in the wave this time. :D
.....Still nothing :(
Woot! Blizzard is great! This time they are telling us.
If you havent got it yet and want a great stream two great streams.
Thanks guys now I have another chance, I was really sad when I didn't see an invite on my account last night. To everyone still hoping LETS DO THIS!!!
thank you. Hopefully i can get in so i can play during spring break.
Very nice. I actually got mine this afternoon (morning for PST) after checking multiple times last night and this morning and simply assuming i got next-waved. Much appreciation for the updated information as well as the super-short wait between waves. Very unexpected, actually.
Best blue post EVER!

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