100,000 More Beta-Test Invites

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I dont think im gunna be in this wave..
GAH! i need to test ret paladin PvP! must......remain.....calm.......BLARGH!, patience kaltas, you must have patience, it will come soon..........BAH! already have the damn client downloaded so i can play the MOMENT i get flagged for beta, im just that impatient, but, i know blizz is doin what they can, but ive eaten all my bread makin sammichs, you hear me blizz, ive eaten ALL MY BREAD! D:
Looking good.
How many more waves until we get to the people that started in BC?

So far it seems only a few of the Vanilla starters have gotten their invites...
1. Enough f5 jokes, they were good at the start but now eh

2. If the game hasn't shown up on our account page yet, does that mean we missed the first wave?
If signing up on day 1 isn't enough to get me in to the 2nd wave I'll be kinda surprised.
I opted in, I AP'd as soon as it came out, I've been playing since Baby Blizzard Bear... Still nothing ;o; honestly This was the reason I AP'd... I'll be pretty upset if I am not in shortly
03/30/2012 04:12 PMPosted by Urthwyyte
One interesting thing to know would be whether the "100k" are all US realm players, or if that number divided up among the entire world of AP subscribers.

Bash's twitter states it's worldwide.

Don't hold your breath, imo.
ooooooh I hope I get in this time. but if I don't it's ok I can wait *squeals* but it's so hard!
you and everyone else that signed up day one, how many ppl you think were at blizzcon? and how many more do you think were watchin the live feeds? :P theres probs over 1 mil that signed up day one.
I don't buy that "No opt-in" thing.

So there are all these people in the beta, in the beta forums, with beta access...and not ONE OF THEM is AP or opt-in?
Really appreciate you keeping us update! Excellent work guys!
Not everyone from Day 1 gets in, i have a Day 1 Account and a 2006 Account and the '06 account is in but my original is not.
Has anyone later than 04-05 Gotten in?

I signed up for the AP during the announce at Blizzcon, but my account is from 2010.
/sad face

With my luck I'll still not have an invite. I have hope though. :)
Thanks for the update:)
thats 2/10 of all the ap holders lol
getting my gun ready just incase I don't get mine tonight...again.
03/30/2012 04:13 PMPosted by Årcee
I dont think im gunna be in this wave..

Same :(

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