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Fingers crossed I get my invite!!
Account since Nov 2006, paid for every month since then til now.
AP purchased shortly after it was announced (10-20 minutes)
No invite.

It's still early, so who knows. But i wont get my hopes up too high.
Signed up the day after Annual Pass was announced.
Third time's the charm maybe?
The wait continues...
I'm just saying, don't ever expect this to be advertised for an annual pass event.

The way they handled this, the way it all got tangled and messed up, hell even the FAQ drama everyone tried to stir up? This is a once in a lifetime thing, they don't dare do this again.

I just can't wait til October 2012, to see the massive drop-off of subscribers as Annual Pass wears off.

(And I bet we'll STILL be raiding freaking Dragon soul)
Yeah, if Starting on day 1 on Vanilla isn't enough to get me in on at least the second wave, then I just don't know.
03/30/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Desaros
getting my gun ready just incase I don't get mine tonight...again.

well your depressing, ive eaten all the damn BREAD!? now what will i do to keep busy waitin for this damn beta key D:
Wait there's a new WoW expansion!?!? .... lolol jk jk I hope i get in tonight too guys :D
whoa... now thats a surprise.
No Beta invite yet

Started: 1/25/07
AP: 10/23/11

If folks who have been in game since 06 aren't in, then I doubt I'm in this wave.
They say directly in the post that only annual pass members have been invited in the last two 100k waves.

Reading is fun.
03/30/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Youbuyhealz
thats 2/10 of all the ap holders lol

7 days.
200,000 out of 1,000,000 people.
And this is, of course, assuming they don't just stop for a week or 2 at 300,000 because their servers can't take the stress.
Oh, hey.

I got my Beta.

Fingers crossed! I can't wait to poke and prod at everything I can. I do so enjoy trying to break everything I possibly can in a beta hehe. Not only are unintended glitches fun and sometimes hilarious, but catching them ensures that they will be fixed before the game goes live for a smoother experience. Win Win!!
How long does a wave of 100k take to send out? (not the emails, the actual account flag)
No Beta invite yet

Started: 1/25/07
AP: 10/23/11

If folks who have been in game since 06 aren't in, then I doubt I'm in this wave.

Started 12/30/2005
AP 10/24/2011 still not in
Grats to all u Beta recipients....have fun. I'm envius but glad some of us r getting in
Started 12/30/2005
AP 10/24/2011 still not in

Have you been playing that entire time though?

Anyway, second day of refreshing the account page... go!
*Face Palm* Ugh... stil waiting!
I don't buy that "No opt-in" thing.

So there are all these people in the beta, in the beta forums, with beta access...and not ONE OF THEM is AP or opt-in?

They're all AP, FnF, and press.

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