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I am ready, send it.
*M Bison Yes, Yes, Yesh!!!!!!!!!!!!*
i need one so i can start my stream up :(. my wrath beta stream back in the day was extremely popular(3k+ viewers at peak hours!) because i let viewers see what they wanted to see if possible. i wasn't able to do that in cata because i got my invite too late and i want to be able to do it this time around :D
03/30/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Restorelf
Can you get into the Panda beta without Annual Pass too?

Not until all the AP'ers are in....


You get a Press, Friends & Family, or the Dell Laptop (promotion back in 2007) Invite.
plz blizz give me my beta inv lol i alredy got the beta client downloade from mmo champion all i need is the inv and i can star playing lol
Still hoping!!!
I LOVE YOU BLIZZ :D invite meeezzz so i can test it
Okay... maybe tonight I'll get in... My precious...
time to get our hopes up again :D rofl!!!
Place the invite upon my account, for there must always be a BETA!
Aww not me this round.
If I get in, I will /cry of happiness and immediately make a pandaren monk:D
Bashiok, can you explain to me why, if I subbed January 1st 2005, without really cancelling my subscription, I'm still waiting for an invite, while many of my friends, who started playing late 2005 early 2006 already have an invite ?
Great to hear!
I have a feeling im not gunna be in this wave... just a hunch i have.

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