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03/30/2012 08:29 PMPosted by Conbaa


The one named tiptoes or something lol...every time we collide sparks fly...not, but that would be cool! Anywho, we just argue

Oh! That guy. Lol :p
03/30/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Dårkelf
My brother walks into my room......... puts his laptop in my face........ makes me watch him level his panda monk........ >.>

Such an !@# lol, feel for ya bro :(
03/30/2012 08:32 PMPosted by Conbaa
Oh it's a guy?! Or is that just a general word for person?? Now I'm confused : (

XD General word for a person.
Sigh i guess i'm not gonna get an invite :(
03/30/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Conbaa

XD General word for a person.

Whew! Almost broke mi corazon! Lol jk Sooooo, have you got in yet?

I wish! Nope not yet! Im still waiting! Havent gotten the MOP nor the D3. :(
03/30/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Pyrosin
Sigh i guess i'm not gonna get an invite :(

I know how you feel. Knowing my luck, I won't get my invite til the last wave...
Life is funny, I have been playing with the idea of upgrading my windows to 64 bit and have been putting it off for months. I have been checking 6 times a day for beta since it was release since I have had my account forever and got AP. This morning I checked two separate times and didnt get anything so I was like ok Ill prolly get it later. I took my PC to get upgraded and I just got it hooked up, I logged in to reinstall my regular wow and bam, I had beta, Bitter and sweet cuz now I have to reinstall stuff. Point of the story is be patient. Even though the everlasting never ending desire to get it is painfully unbearable to some, you will get it guys, and FYI, 5 char copies and 3 premade copies, no premade pandas or monks, at least that I could see. Good luck folks
God nothing again. Grrr/

ive bene playing the diablo 3 beta til MoP unlocks for me

>:O At least you got diablo beta! I got none!

its only act one tho its fun i cant wait to play it for real when it out but i wanna test out lvling a panda monk
well oddly enough 3 of my friends who joined in wrath are now in the beta but afew of us in my guild who have beeun round since vanilla are still waiting GG blizz GG

I wish! Nope not yet! Im still waiting! Havent gotten the MOP nor the D3. :(

Well hell aren't we in the same boat! Do you mind rowing for awile? My arms are killing me!

I don't mind. :) I'll take over for you.
They're upholding their end of the bargain, and clearly stated why its impossible to invite all annual pass holders at once, it's either in these waves or no one at all. The beta will go on for months, I'm not sure why people are so upset about not getting in the first week or two when it will be the buggiest.

I have no problem with the waves actually. Common sense should tell most that 1mil is way too many to allow access at once. Ok now that we have that covered, on to the problem at hand. What took me back was that veteran players got dibbs on beta access which was NOT mentioned in the contract. I assumed (stupid me!) that the waves would be 100% random...but oh well, what's done is done. All I can do now is uphold my end of the contract.

What exactly is considered "Veteran Players" Is it how long you have had your account? If so is it only people who have played since vanilla, or started just a BC came out like myself? I'm a bit confused on that one bud.
nothing yet but then again it took like 12 hours or more for some ppl to get their invs from yesterday
sigh... nothing. :(

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