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The only people who have been sent invites excluding the AP holders, are WoW celebrities/streamers/etc. So yeah, it actually is the case because let's be honest, if those people didn't get the beta first then how would we get so many updates and datamining?

Um...trying to figure out where in my post had anything to say about those others..I was just saying that one of my friends with a little over 2 years accumulated time that got the AP a few months ago got in despite what they had stated earlier in another post that those who had the largest accumulated time plus when they had gotten the AP were priority in beta waves. (ok; I'm ok with waiting and am patient..but you have to admit those who have accumulated time of waaaaay longer and have put in a lot of money for various other things, and got the pass on the first day that have yet to get in something like that has to sting).

Sorry if my original post was confusing, teaches me to type and watch t.v. at the same time. lol
03/30/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Chrimus
hope you arent referring to me, i am not whining just stating fact i can wait, its just throughout my life thats been my lot to wait to the end, hell the first 3 letters of my last name are Zol, so anything that has to with names i am last, just saying hope to see all that have got an invite soon.

No, I wasn't referring to you to be up front. Just a lot of admittedly anxious people waiting, and posting, and waiting.... AND POSTING about not getting in. I have 58 months in since Sept '05, every game in the online store, tons of character/server transfers and still waiting for a beta invite. I'm just making the best of it. It will happen. I admit to having a dry sense of humor, so I apologize if I rubbed you the wrong way with my comment.

Nah sorry lolm, getting tired and yea am getting tired of seeing the whining too, i am waiting patiently.

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