100,000 More Beta-Test Invites

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03/30/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Holydasher
the gf loves the old spice body wash but she in love with my Cologne. wow were going off topic...

Hee hee.. i love his cologne too xD we are going WAY OFF TOPIC XD
03/30/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Rhuinous
I have to say. all the sins are forgiven Blizzard. I am satisfied with the communication at this point. Keep up the good work.

QFT, excellent communication
I think you missed my account. * whistle*
Would love to get in, but sadly dont think i will. Sigh guess i should get ready to F5 all day
Yay! I was hoping the time between waves was not too long :)
03/30/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Truebane
I think you missed my account. * whistle*

Mhm mine too....

*shifty eyes*
WTB /prays
I got in :D
Start Date 06/2006
AP: 11/2011
Total Months: 65
Weeee more beta invites plox
I would like an answer as to why they didn't mention waves at blizzcon or on the advertisements? Why was I not told that my account seniority would cause me to have to wait months to get into the beta? This is EXTREMELY important information and I'm just dumbfounded how you could treat your loyal customers this way. I signed up on day one of the announcement. A few days later they made a post on page 12 of a random thread explaining there would be waves. In that case I should be allowed out of the annual pass since I made the commitment before vital information was given. If I had read that post I wouldn't have signed up. It sickens me that they knew since oct 25th that there wouldn't be enough room on the servers. They make hundreds of millions of dollars, make some more gd servers. This is YOUR problem, we shouldn't be made to pay for it.
I got in :D
Start Date 06/2006
AP: 11/2011
Total Months: 65

lol gratz
Amazing! Test it up people!
So are these waves going to continue like this untill everyone has been invited? Inviting 100k people daily?

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