Even More (Another 100,000) Beta Invites

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Checked the 2 accounts :( No "luck", so back to watching Twitch.tv Streams to find out info I want to get out of the Beta.
Yay. Even if I wanted an annual account I cant get one.

My account has been created since 2004. I've been a long term player over the past 7 years. I quit playing due to personal reasons for 6 months and because I was gone for 6 months I cant sign up for the annual pass?

What sort of bull!@#$ is this Blizzard? Why can't this service be offered to EVERYONE that has had an active account for X amount of time.

It isnt even about beta access or D3. I'd gladly pay for a year up front so I dont have to worry about charges when money becomes an issue, which has been the top reason why i've unsubbed in the past.

Thanks for kicking a long term customer in the balls Blizz.

It isn't a one time payment to Blizzard. It's a contract to keep your account on for 12 months. I still pay month to month, but I can't cancel because of the AP agreement.

Also, it is based on when the account was created, if you can't get an AP, you need to call customer service. It's not supposed to be like that.
The only ones who matter, as far as qualifying machines goes, are the opt-ins.

Specs are irrelevant for the AP users.
03/31/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Stumn
I'm pretty sure that they wont send invites during the weekends

Nothing here and stuff.
03/31/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Rollo
I'm pretty sure that they wont send invites during the weekends


Just becuase if something should happen no body is there to handle it. well i mean ppl are there but the ppl required to handle something terrible is not there.
I just want more beta invites to be sent out, I doubt they're still sending the 200k out from yesterday, so I clearly didn't get mine. I'd just like to see quicker invites rather than week long breaks or 3-4 day intervals. I dont mind waiting a little longer but to see all my guildies and friends getting in ahead of me just makes the anxiety worse. All I want is for the beta to last a long time, that way any AP holders who get invited last because they decided to be cheap and buy the AP 3 days after beta launch dont get jipped out of beta time. I can't imagine that many opt ins getting beta invites seeing as how roughly 1m people signed up for the AP.
03/31/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Rollo
I'm pretty sure that they wont send invites during the weekends


Cause the head honchos aren't in on the weekends.
im sorry bit this is taking WAY to long. If you guys were really sending them out like you said my friend would have been in one of the first waves but instead he got his invite yesterday... i honestly think its just random.
I'm pretty sure that they wont send invites during the weekends


Because the weekends are break days for the blizzard workers (or at least..some) lol
03/31/2012 08:24 PMPosted by Deathdrums
I just wanted to thank Blizzard Development for giving me the opertunity to beta test. I have been playing since the begining and each expansion just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work Blizzard; you have a loyal customer for good.

LOL In this thread that really should be considered trolling...

I get the feeling that they're portioning out the beta invites based on the specs folks are reporting for their machines, not on player/account history. They had loads of issues in the Cata beta due to mismatches between people's setups and what the game itself required.

I spent a bunch of time standing on featureless gray space in the last beta until I got my graphics settings sorted. And that was with a lower population test. I'll bet their servers are pooping themselves about now.

I have a Mac Pro with an 2 quadcore Xeon 2.8 ghz procesors, Ati 5770, 10gb of ram, and 3 tb of free space, on OS X Lion. I think I would qualify...

Yeah totally. They should only test super powerful computers. That makes sense...

anxiety = worse
Still not in. Sad face :(
Still waiting. :(
You guys didn't think of coming up with the solution for flagging multiple accounts before hand?
After seeing So many people sign up for AP? Not !@#$%ing, Don't care for a invite.lol.

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