Even More (Another 100,000) Beta Invites

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If Blizzard didn't want us happy, he wouldn't have given a million people a chance to be in the beta and they wouldn't have let 300k in the beta in 2 days.

Stop crying like a spoiled 5 year old and be patient.. you'll get your turn.

I'm so tired of seeing people complaining.. get over it and wait. They can only do so much. If they let EVERYONE in at the same time, the servers would crash and we'd have to wait even longer to play and then you'd be crying over that.

It's alot more complicated than just letting everyone in.

So... my point is... !@#$ and wait your turn!

I think the annual pass should have only been available for about a month then turned off...
Yeah, they should've limited it. But, I guess their choice was theirs. I don't mind waiting.. from what I hear, the beta is pretty buggy and laggy and terrible right now.. but, it's beta so..

But, I dont mind.. I have other thngs to do as well other than sit in front of a screen pressing the refresh button.

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